9 Incredible Things Moms Never Tell A Soul


Qualities of a good Mom include selflessness, kindness, and generosity. But after you have read this list, you may understand why honesty and openness aren’t necessarily qualities Moms possess. Read on to discover just what Moms are keeping to themselves!

1. Our Children Are The Reason We Cry So Much
We cried with joy as we discovered we were pregnant. We cried with elation as we were finally able to hold you in our hands. We cry with concern whenever you are under the weather. And we cried with pride when you took your first steps, and every other milestone you passed.

2. We Wouldn’t Mind Having The Last Slice Of Cake!
Even though we say we don’t mind, that we are already full, actually we would love that last slice of cake. But we can also see just how much you want it, so out of pure love, we sacrifice that last slice for you!

3. We Never Stop Caring About You
As soon as we found out you were growing in our womb, we began caring about you. We give everything to make sure nothing happens to you. When you go out, we wait for you to come home. Not because we want to annoy you, but because we want to ensure that you are ok. Whether you are ill, lovesick or hurting, we are always by your side.

4. We Are Always In Blissful Pain
Birthing you caused a pain unlike any other, and the 9 months previous weren’t a breeze either. It is always worth it though to see the smile on your face.

5. We Aren’t Perfect
Maybe our concern annoys you sometimes. Maybe we don’t always get it right. But we always do our best for you and you can rest assured, we are our biggest critics!

6. We Look At You In Wonder
You have no idea how difficult it is for us to peel our eyes away from you. Whether it was the first time you went through the night without waking or the time you spoke your first word, these moments always make our hearts swell with joy.

7. It Feels Like Our World Is Ending To See You Cry
Every time you weep, it tears us apart. At these moments, there is nothing more important than to comfort you and bring a smile to your face again.

8. Letting You Go Live Your Life Is The Hardest Thing
We know that someday you will fly the nest and begin a new life somewhere else. But that doesn’t mean we find it easy to see you leave our protective wings!

9. We Would Do It Again In A Heartbeat
In spite of all the aches and pains, we would jump at the chance to do it all over again! We don’t need to consider it, WE LOVE YOU!