81-Year-Old Homeless Woman Didn’t Know She Was Sleeping On A Treasure Of Coins


The name of the woman is María del Carmen Santana Díaz, she’s 81 years old and lives in the city of Zitácuaro, in Michoacán, Mexico. For many years she has been living irregularly in a building in which she spends her days surrounded by debris and garbage. According to the community, she is a nice woman who works informally, running errands for people, but in whom everyone trusts.


That’s why a group of neighbors decided to support her, putting pressure on the local government and organizing efforts to sanitize the area crowded with debris and trash. However, what nobody expected to find under the tons of cardboard and garbage was a treasure.


It is estimated that Ms. Santana had accumulated approximately 50,000 Mexican pesos in coins and notes, crammed into a metal container. The community was surprised when the woman said it was they themselves who had given that money over the years. Although nobody knows what will happen to Maria del Carmen in the future, she wants to stay in the building. A local journalist offered to appear in person to administer the money found. He hopes it helps to improve the woman’s quality of life.


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