8 Unexpected Benefits Of Having A Cat In A House


Cats do not just make us happy! It turns out that having a cat is good for our health!

Here are some good reasons why you need to have a kitten:
1. Your heart will be healthier as cats are able to calm us and reduce the anxiety and stress levels.

2. You will always have support, as, during difficult times, cats help us cope with strong and negative emotions, such as grief and sadness. By the way, one study showed that kitties are excellent listeners.

3. If you are a single man and you have a cat, you’ll have more dates, as 90% of the women surveyed believe that men who have cats are nice and gentle.


4. You take care of the environment if your pet is a cat!

Cats leave a small carbon footprint and eat less than large animals.

5. You will have a great partner for life

Austrian scientists found that the presence of a cat is comparable to life in a company of a romantic partner. These animals know how to love and, moreover, they are able to love you back.


6. You will have a good sleep.

An interesting fact: women and men fall asleep better if the cat is sleeping next to them.

7. You will be protected against allergies.

Kids, who grow up in a house with a cat, have a better immune system and are more protected against allergies.


8. One day a cat can save your life.

We’ve heard many stories when cats warned of a fire or gas leak and saved their human’s lives.

Well, if you are a cat lover, you are fine, if you are thinking of having a pet, a cute kitty is a good choice for you!