73% Of People Can’t Figure Out The Correct Answer! Can You?


Ok, dear friends, are you ready to a new brain-cracking problem? Here it is. It was proposed by a school teacher.


You’ll find the correct answer below! But before comparing, think twice! Only 73% of people can solve it! It needs attention and the knowledge of math! Although the problem seems simple at first glance, it has an unexpected twist!

Ok. Enough talks! It’s time to make some basic operations of arithmetics! Don’t forget to be careful! Some basic mistakes are often made because you don’t pay enough attention!

Have you solved it? Here’s the correct answer:


Here’s how it is solved:
(4 × 4) + (4 × 4) — (4 × 4) + 4 = 16 + 16 — 16 + 4 — 20!

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