7 Women Meet The ‘Catfish’ They’ve Been Dating, But It’s The Last Person They Expect To See


In 2015, seven young women from Utah were involved in online relationships. Some of these women were college students at Brigham Young University and/or had been talking to their respective online boyfriends for varying amounts of time, ranging from one month to more than a year.

Little did these women know they were all “dating” the same person. They thought he was a handsome student from Montana named Keagan.

One woman said Keagan told her he loved her. Another woman said he was her “perfect guy.”

But when another woman became suspicious and started digging around for more information, she uncovered the shocking truth: there was no Keagan at all!

These women had fallen victim to a hoax, and Keagan was a catfish — someone who tricks others online by setting up fake profiles using fake pictures and names.

In the video below, Dr. Phil brings the seven women together and gives them the opportunity to finally meet their catfish for the first time ever. Let’s just say it’s last person they expect to see.

But when the catfish explains the emotional reasoning behind the hoax, you may be surprised by the women’s reactions.

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