7 things children inherit only from their Fathers


The science of genetics, is engaged in the study of heredity, provides answers to many mysteries of nature. Why does a person have green eyes, an increased love of risk and a good sleep only on his right side? For all this, the genes received from the parents are responsible. But it will be interesting that the child acquires many dominant features only from his father. In this article, we will consider those genetic features that only dads “give” as a legacy to a newborn.

Heart Diseases: Coronary artery problems are inherited only through the male line. This is evidenced by researchers from the University of Leicester, UK. Half of the heart disease is more often transmitted to their sons by men with a certain type of genetic chromosomes.

Mental disorders: from fathers, newborns can get attention deficit disorder (ADHD) and even schizophrenia. Such an inheritance depends on the age of the man: the older he is, the bigger chances of mental problems  children have. This is due to the aging of male DNA, which, unlike female DNA, changes throughout life.

Dental problems: in this question , female genes are inferior to male ones. Fathers are responsible for children`s straight teeth, healthy enamel and the correct jaw shape.

Infertility: unfortunately, the quality of sperm is also inherited from father to son. Even a child conceived by IVF, according to researchers, will have problems with childbirth in the future.


Boy or girl: only male genetics decides this question. The father is also responsible for the sex of the child, since the female egg contains only the X chromosome. Analyze the male family tree. Perhaps you will understand what information the sperm will contain: X-chromosome (a girl will be born) or Y-chromosome (there will be a boy).



Appearance of the child: women will have to come to terms with this issue. Due to the dominant genes, the eye color and facial features of the child will most likely resemble a father.

Growth: It is a known fact that short children give birth to short children. Almost certainly, a child will be like a daddy in growth, possibly overtaking him in this matter by a couple of centimeters. It is also inherent in genes.

A separate topic will be the intelligence of the child. Interestingly, there are no guarantees that brilliant fathers will have no less brilliant children. But the stupid father will not bring genetic harm to the child. The level of intelligence is not inherited. An exception occurs in half the cases when it comes to the father and daughter, but not the son. This is due to the fact that men inherit the genetic level of intelligence from mothers, who, in turn, receive it from their father. It turns out that the genius grandfather will genetically transfer his high level of intelligence to his grandson.

But if grandfather is irreparably stupid, then his daughter will be half smarter than his father. In this regard, scientists emphasize an interesting fact: genetically in nature there cannot exist one hundred percent genius or one hundred percent stupid women, but in most cases, 100 percent genius Nobel Prize winners are men.


Thus, you can formulate some tips. Knowledge of the intelligence of the father-in-law (the father of the wife) will help predict the son’s intellectual abilities. It is not surprising that many men dream of a daughter: she is mentally closer to her father than to her mother. The conclusion also suggests itself that the intellectual abilities of every man are an inheritance from his grandfather

Pay  attention of women to the fact that comparing the mental abilities of a son with his father is incorrect. But the grandchildren born of a daughter will become in the field of intelligence copies of your beloved husband.