7 Biological Siblings Lived In Different Foster Houses, Until They All Were Adopted At Once


A couple from Florida had a thought of adoption, but they never knew they would adopt 7 children. DaShoan and Sofia Olds were a childless couple, climbing career ladders, then they finally settled down in a nice big house in Florida. Their friends started to wonder why they needed such a big one if there are just 2 of them. But maybe it was a sign that they got it for a reason.

Accidentally Sofia heard the news about 7 biological siblings, they were put on to adoption and needed home but temporary all lived in different foster houses.


The story touched the woman to the bottom of her heart, so she texted to her husband about it. The decision seemed to come quickly to them, they felt those are the kids who need them.

Now they are the whole new big family! The adoption process was not fast and effortless, but they went through it, and in September 2017 they have officially become a family.


DaShoan Olds is saying, that they are more than happy to spend Christmas holidays with the kids, exchange presents, decorate the tree, and do everything that usually any family enjoys doing during the Christmas season.



These 7 kids (Necia, Eric, Erica, Zavian, Dava, Keyon, and Gentry) are more than lucky to have cozy and safe shelter finally, and grow up all together.