6 Tips For Teaching A Toddler To Fall Asleep Quickly And Without Problems


Probably, all parents know how hard it is to put a toddler to sleep as kids always come up with the wittiest excuses and tricks not to do this. Instead, they always want to play instead of going to their beds.


Of course, they don’t realize how important their sleep is for their physical and mental health. First, when a kid is well-relaxed, they are more open to the world and everyday challenges it offers. What is more, enough sleep is responsible for proper functioning of a kid’s nervous system.

With all that in mind, every evening you’re doing your best to put your kid to sleep, but they simply do not understand what all your efforts are for. Finally, you both end up having tantrums and go to sleep all worn out.

So, to end this exhausting routine, here’re 6 useful tips for you and your kid’s well-being.

1. Morning routine.

By far, it’s one of the most important things to help your kid get adjusted to the need to go to bed. A child obviously should know what to expect at the end of the day. However, here, the most important thing is when to expect it! As your toddler can’t tell the time yet, they need to have some signs that indicate that a day is coming to an end. That’s why an established evening routine will be of great help to you.

2. Prepare your kid beforehand.

Tell your little one what happens when they sleep. It will help go to bed more easily. And your kid’s toys can assist you with this. You can act out a play where a toy-mom puts her toy-kid to bed, sings, kisses, and says good night.

3. A bed does matter.

You can create a special atmosphere in your kid’s bedroom. For example, their bed can have a shape of a car or castle. What is more, you can buy a bedsheet with their favorite cartoon characters.

4. Set up your kid’s biological clock.

It’s been proved the best time for toddlers to go to bed is between 6:30 and 8 pm. So, before that time, try to slow down your routines, turn on a soothing music, and have a dim light on.

5. Think of a snack.

Maybe, your toddler’s body is trying to tell you something when he gets up during the night? A piece of turkey, sandwich, or something without sugar will help your kid make it to the morning without any problems.

6. Spend the whole day right.

It’s all about the right activities during a day. To sleep well, your toddler needs to get enough fresh air and sunlight. This way, the body will send all the right signals, and it will be easier for them to fall asleep.


If you liked the tips, please, share them with others! Have a good sleep!