6 signs which tell you that someone’s relationship is coming to an end


Not everyone is going to be the one for you so here is how you can tell if the relationship is waning

When a relationship begins it is great and everyone is living in paradise. However, over time it is only natural that things change and people change. Couples who want to be together will find a way to talk it out and go hand-in-hand with whatever problems they have. However, when that stops and the two people stop communicating with each other, things are going to turn into a disaster. There are many ways that you can avoid this with a few small habits that the two of you follow together.


These are some signs that will tell you when a relationship is coming to an end:

#6 Escape plans

The moment the two of you secretly start to make your escape plans, you know that the red flag is up and if you want to fix things now is the time. You will be able to observe small signs between the two of you such as disinterest, no affection, no intimacy which only means that it is a matter of time.

If either of you feels like the relationship is over, it is much better to be upfront and honest about it. Prolonging such things will only land you in complications. The truth is, people who love each other and would like to be with each other would not ever think of making any sort of escape plans.
#5 Less patience

In the beginning of a relationship, things seem perfect and the love and connection are strong. As you get to know each other more, there are certain things you could start taking for granted and that is natural. However, it is important to remember to acknowledge the other person’s efforts once in a while.


Everyone likes to feel appreciated every now and then and this will help the two of you keep connected. When the two of you start to take too many things for granted and stop trying, you will notice how you often lose your patience with each other and things end up in a huge fight. Try and understand what is making you lose your patience and talk to your partner. Communicate your problems in a polite and calm way, this will help the two of you understand each other’s issues.
#4 Hiding things from each other

There is no need to disclose every event of your life events to your partner but with most couples, sharing your thoughts and being vulnerable will only strengthen the bond that the two of you share. When you decide to share your private thoughts with someone that means you trust them enough to hear you out and not judge you.

The moment the two of you start to disconnect and hide things from each other, it means that you have lost the trust and faith in the other person. It is not at all easy to take a step back and examine what is going wrong but that is something you definitely need to do. You and your partner could also see a counselor if you feel that would help.
#3 Lack of affection

Falling in love means allowing yourself to be intimate and affectionate which is in the case of most couples. There is definitely a difference in the way you treat your friends versus how you treat your significant other. The point is that person is someone special who is a significantly big part of your life.


The moment you forget these things and lose affection, the relationship is going to spiral downwards. Being affectionate towards your partner is a way to connect with your partner and when you lose that, you practically lose the relationship. Try and find ways to keep the spark alive, if you and your partner truly love each other, it won’t be that tough.
#2 Not spending any time together

When you choose a significant other, then most people look forward to and value time that they get to spend with each other. The moment couples start to have a lot of arguments, the quality of the relationship starts to deteriorate after a point. This makes both the people start to withdraw and to get frustrated.

In this fast-paced world, all of us have a life independent of who we are with and hence, couples look forward to whatever little time that they get together. The problem is that a lot of couples do not get to see as often as they used to and a major life event (moving away, promotion, tour) can really be a turning point for couples.
#1 Lack of communication

All success relationships will have a proper and open communication system and without it, it is unlikely that a relationship will work out. When there is no communication, the two people involved will eventually not be able to share their problems and work through them.


This will lead to the two people having multiple misunderstandings and these misunderstandings will lead to bigger fights and arguments. When the communication channels stop, people’s feelings start to get hurt and more often than not, it is unintentional. Always create a situation for conversation and do not be afraid to speak up.