5 facts proved by science that cats prolong human life


Experts from different countries believe that cats are not only mi-bears, but also a real cure for heart disease, stress and even drunkenness.


  1. Cats teach us to fall on our feet, wherever life drops.

Specialists from the University of Melbourne (Australia) watched the patients of the psychotherapeutic department of one of the city clinics for three months. The experiment involved more than 200 people suffering from depression, neurosis and social phobia. All patients were in a state of chronic prolonged stress. The participants tested various methods of psychotherapy — from psychoanalysis to auto-training.


At the end of the study, it turned out that the most positive result was visual felinotherapy, that is, simply put — photographing and looking at photographs of cats, which was offered by psychology doctor Belinda Sturman.

Dr. Shturman noted that her wards emerged from a crisis faster than those who were engaged in traditional methods:

“In childhood, cats always lived on our farm. I remember that in difficult moments my grandmother always told me — do not be sad, look at our cat Jay, how free and proud he is, and how to spit on him what others say. Yes, cats help us to become ourselves, to learn independence and to land on our feet, wherever life drops. ”


So feel free to take a picture, like and post cats! This, scientists say, strengthens nerves and helps to survive stress.

  1. Do not give to become an alcoholic.


Difficult day? Do you want to get drunk? Better pet the cat! The purr of our beloved pussies, as established by neurophysiologists at the University of Toronto (Canada), activates the same pleasure centers in the human brain as delicious food or alcohol.


Among pet owners, especially cats, there are far fewer alcoholics than among single people. This, perhaps, does not require scientific evidence.

By the way, in narcological clinics of the Scandinavian countries (in Finland and Norway) very often animal therapy (treatment with animals) is considered a very effective method and is practiced on a par with drug treatment of alcohol and drug addiction.

Patients are «weaned of wine» by securing the patient a cat or dog from the shelter, for which he is obliged to look after. So, doctors say, it is often possible to solve two problems — to save a person from addiction, and to attach a belly, because during therapy many people begin to consider the ward of the caudate “doctor” the best friend and do not want to part with it even after treatment.


  1. Save from heart catastrophes.

Scientists from Edinburgh (Scotland) have established a connection between the state of human health and the presence of pets. The study involved more than 10 thousand people aged 40 to 85 years. Cats turned out to be champions in the “healing” effects on humans.


Their owners, on average, were 18-20% less likely to be victims of heart attacks and strokes than those who did not keep animals, and 10% less often than dog owners. And another interesting point — for men to note. Experts say that cats prolong the life of a stronger sex! 

In any case, among the inhabitants of Great Britain who lived to be 85 years old, more than 70% always kept mustachioed-striped houses.


  1. Reduce the risk of cancer.

Researchers at the Department of Cancer at Stanford University in San Francisco have been monitoring several thousand visitors to city health clinics for seven years. The aim of the study was to find out what factors of lifestyle, environment, human habits can directly or potentially affect the development of cancer.


It turned out that among those who indicated the presence of pets (cats and dogs) for seven years, 30% fewer people became ill with cancer than among those who did not keep pets.


  1. Home physiotherapists and lively mustard plasters.

Stroking cats is very useful for all hypertensive and meteosensitive people (unless of course you have an allergy to moustached-striped). It is proved: stroking cat hair reduces blood pressure.


This effect is achieved by relieving static electricity, and as a result, relieving tension and spasms of small vessels — capillaries.



So in case of weather changes, when it is raining and windy outside, it’s so cool to sit in a comfortable chair, put the cat on your lap — it will take meteorological sensitivity off by hand.


And cats very accurately distinguish between temperature differences even half a degree. They like to warm themselves and instinctively try to settle in the warmest place. That is why if, for example, you have a knee joint that is inflamed or bronchitis begins, the cat will gladly climb either to his legs or chest.


Living heat very effectively soothes pain of this kind and helps fight inflammation. So if you have the flu, and the cat decided to play «live mustard», do not drive it away, let it sit for a couple of minutes in a sore spot, and it will definitely become easier for you.