5 Cats With The Most Exceptional Looks


Cats are one of the most popular human pets. Some people like them because they are fun to play with, others like them for the calming sound of their purr, and some of us just love these little furry mouse hunters for no reason. So, it comes as no surprise that people have spent decades and even centuries trying to breed new cat species in order to improve their looks and abilities. But sometimes, mother nature knows better. Here are the cats with a very unusual fur markings. Scroll down and enjoy the view!

#1. Sam with eyebrows

This little white cat is named Sam, and as you can clearly see, he has eyebrows. These two little black lines on his forehead make him look a bit like Charlie Chaplin, don’t you think?

You bring the movies, I'll bring the tuna. #netflixandchill #tgif

Posted by Samhaseyebrows on Freitag, 27. Mai 2016

#2. Venus the Two-Faced Cat

Meet Venus, a lovely kitten with a very unusual look. One half of her face has red fur, and the second half is completely black. At the first glance, her photos look like they were photoshopped. Furthermore, this cat’s eyes also have different colors: The one on the black half of her face is green and the second eye is blue.

#tbt. Just me and a catnip banana I borrowed from @professor_pouncey whose Dad took this pic 📷

Posted by Venus the Two Face Cat on Donnerstag, 1. Juni 2017

#3. Hamilton the Hipster Cat

Hamilton is, perhaps, one of the most famous cats with unusual looks. He has two curled white lines on his cheeks. These lines form incredible mustache and make him look like a hipster kitten, or a cat version of the world-famous artist Salvador Dali.

Coffee? No, I haven't had any coffee…what are you talking about…coffee#mustachecat

Posted by Hamilton the Hipster Cat on Dienstag, 18. Oktober 2016

Here is also a short video with Hamilton for you to enjoy.

#4. Sirius the Happy Cat

This is Sirius. He is a lovely 5-year-old cat with a very interesting fur marking. There is a black spot on Sirius’ neck that makes him look like he is smiling widely. This funny black smile never leaves his face, so Sirius is probably one of the most positive cats you’ll ever see.

#tbt When I had a baby smirk

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#5. The Panda Cat

The photo of this adorable kitten was published on Imgur with a funny caption.


The cat has wide black circles around its eyes and looks like a cat version of panda.

Do you know someone who has a pet with even more interesting fur marking? Or maybe your own pet has something special about its look? Leave a comment and tell us all about it!