4 Reasons Why Mentally Strong People Attract Toxic People


I bet you know someone who is so strong mentally that you envy them. They seem to have their life together and can deal with whatever comes their way. They have the power to take care of themselves, defend themselves against others, and stay away from manipulative people, correct? I bet you would be surprised to realize just how wrong this assumption is when it comes to the mentally strong people you know! Many of them are just as susceptible to attracting toxic people as someone else.

Men and women who are mentally strong have many personality traits that are downright amazing. However, these traits often make them susceptible to toxic people who want nothing more to do than prey on their compassion and kindness. Read on to learn four reasons why toxic people have a tendency to gravitate towards the mentally strong and why the latter attracts them.

1.Mentally Strong Individuals Are An Open Book

Those who are mentally strong are basically an open book of honesty and feelings. They know who they are and don’t need to hide their opinions or feelings from others. Unfortunately, this attracts toxic people who can easily figure someone like this out. Since there is no guesswork, the toxic person knows exactly how the other individual feels, which makes them that much easier to manipulate them into doing what they want. They know the mentally strong person isn’t hiding anything that could hinder their efforts.

2.They Have A Positive View Of The World

Mentally strong individuals have a positive view of the world and those who are in it. They often see things through “rose-colored glasses” and do not see the bad in people. In fact, they often do their best to seek out the good in friends, acquaintances and family, ignoring the unhealthy and damaging personality traits that person has. Toxic people see this, so they can easily prey on the mentally strong because they know that that person will always look for the good in them. This allows them to get away with more, often again and again.

3.They Are Laid Back and Calm

A mentally strong individual usually has a handle on their emotions. They are not easy to upset, they stay calm in crazy situations, and they go with the flow of life. While these are great qualities to have, it means that toxic people will be attracted to you. Easy-going individuals are easily manipulated since they stay calm and don’t worry about things as much as someone else. They see setbacks as something that can be handled effortlessly.

4.They Are Very Generous With Their Time

If you know someone who is mentally strong, you know that they are the best person to go to when you need to cry and vent. They are good listeners and will do what they can to comfort you. For toxic people, this is a goldmine. They know that they can take advantage of the person because they are compassionate and kind. They know that the mentally strong person will want to do anything that they can to solve their problems.

Toxic individuals don’t always realize that they are the way they are. They may be toxic because of how they were raised or because of the people they have been associating with. However, it’s good to know the signs of how someone who is mentally strong can attract a toxic person so that it can be avoided at all costs.