27-Year-Old Dad Suffered From Liver Failure After Taking Two Food Supplements


Matthew Whitby, a young dad from Australia, just wanted to be healthy and get in shape. Over the years, he had out on some weight and finally decided to change his lifestyle. He wanted to make his muscles strong.
Determined to lose weight and build his musces, Matthew did some research and asked advice from some of his friends. Whitby decided to take two kinds of supplements to hasten the process of achieving his body goals. What he bought was two popular weight-loss products, one with green tea extract and another that has 70% garcinia cambogia supplement. Taking it from the positive reviews he read online, Matthew decided to include the food supplements on his daily diet.

I did a bit of research before [buying the powder]. It had good reviews and because it was Australian I felt more confident buying it.”

After taking the supplements within a week, Matthew was experiencing severe fatigue. The symptoms persisted two months later, so he took himself to hospital.

He became so sick so fast that he was given two weeks to live. He needed an emergency liver transplant, and his only choice was to accept a liver with Hepatitis B.


Right now, he has to take a tablet everyday for the rest of his life for his medication. Matthew didn’t expect that wanting to be healthy and to lose weight will cost him his life. He is telling his story warning other people about the effects of dietary supplement.
“Do your research and ask your doctor about the product before taking it. I wouldn’t recommend shakes in general, just diet and exercise.”
“Hopefully [my case] will convince people to do it the natural way. I learned that the hard way.”