26 Before-And-After Photos Of Rescue Cats That Show The Effects Of A Loving Home


Raising a pet will always present some challenges, but ultimately it’s a rewarding endeavor. To watch a puppy or kitten grow into a well-trained, loving adult pet not only gives you a feeling of pride, but knowing that they’re happy is gratifying in itself.

These 26 before-and-after pictures are testament to the effects a loving home can have on a cat. No matter how they came into the world, these kitties grew into happy, healthy adults, and it’s all thanks to each of their loving homes.

Enjoy these precious photos, and try not to fall in love with these adorable little fur balls!

1. Look at these best friends! They started out as kittens experiencing life side-by-side, and years later they’re still doing the same thing. There’s nothing better than growing up with a sibling!


2. These adorable little balls of fur might be grown up, but they still love being tucked in just as much as ever! Maybe it’s about time their owner buys them a couple blankets that fit. They don’t want their tiny paws to get cold in the middle of the night.

3. If one thing is true about cats it’s that, once they find a comfortable spot, you’d better believe that they’ll make it their permanent home. That’s true even if it’s on the shoulders of their owner. This guy probably still thinks he’s a tiny kitten!


4. Look at these two precious sisters! They were wide-eyed and curious as kittens, and now they’re completely comfortable just hanging out in their boxes on the living room floor. They look like they lead such stressful lives, huh? (Just kidding.)

5. There’s nothing better than napping in your own bed… apparently even if you outgrow it! It’s hard to tell if he was more comfortable as a kitten lying in a huge king-sized pillow, or as an adult now that he fits in it perfectly.


6. Whether you’re a human or a feline, hammocks are one of the most comfortable ways to lounge on a lazy afternoon. This cat may be a little big for her suspended seat nowadays, but her face tells us that she’s never been more comfortable.


7. This kitten found himself a cozy spot in his owner’s camera bag and never left. Maybe he has aspirations of becoming a photographer himself! It’d be hard for him to snap a photo that’s cuter than this, though.

8. As a kitten, this elegant-looking sofa was a little big. Now that she’s all grown up, however, her lounge game is on point. All she needs is a team of servants at her beck and call. Wait… she already has that: her owners!


9. The “If I fits, I sits” mentality never goes away, especially when it comes to sinks. For whatever reason, once a cat discovers that they fit perfectly in these spots, they tend to never leave them, no matter how big they get!

10. Sometimes, your cat just loves to give you a hard time no matter how much affection you send their way. This adorable guy seems to be quite vocal now that he’s older. He’s probably asking to be bottle-fed like when he was a kitten!


11. Nothing shows the passage of time in a cat’s life quite like a tattered couch cushion. As a kitten, the material probably proved to be a difficult nemesis, but now that she’s older and her claws are sharper, she reigns victorious over her velvet enemy.


12. Here’s another cat showing off his love for the sink. Now that he’s an adult, however, it’s a little more obvious when he’s camped out there. Although, he looks like he couldn’t care less about being seen.

13. You may think that only children like to snuggle with teddy bears, but believe it or not, cats do, too! This little one started her life out with a stuffed best friend, and luckily, she remained close with it for the entirety of her life.


14. A guitar case seems like the perfect place for a cat to sprawl out: it’s cozy; it’s lined with fleece; and, if the little guy wants to learn how to strum a few notes, he’s more than welcome! He’d probably want to learn the theme song to Cats first…


15. You know what they say: siblings who wrestle together eventually nestle together! (Note: they do not say this.) Even though these guys seemed like they got on each other’s nerves at kittens, as adults, they couldn’t be more relaxed in each other’s company!


16. Cats have a way of interrupting just about everything you’re doing when they want attention. A computer keyboard seems like one of the least comfortable places to hunker down, but this kitty seems to enjoy it nonetheless.

17. Growing up means maturing. This cat went from a bright-eyed kitten to a beautiful adult who still loves being perched upon his owner’s shoulders. The owner did a little growing up, as well. He lost the puffy hairdo, but the love he has for his feline remains the same.


18. This cat, named Pancake, has some special memories on these carpeted stairs. When he was a kitten, it was the best spot for impromptu photo shoots. Naturally, it’s still where he loves to have his picture taken now that he’s older!


19. This cat clearly had an infatuation with Superman from an early age. Now that he’s all grown up, he still loves to rest beneath the safety of Clark Kent and his super strength. He’s probably dreaming of the day that he gets to fly around the world and save the planet from evil.


20. Everyone had a favorite toy as a kid, but as people get older, their interests change. This kitty, however, never lost touch with her inner child. She refused to grow up, and she’s got the plaything from years ago to prove it.

21. As a kitten, this guy struggled to stake his claim on the family desk chair. But, now that he’s king of the jungle, he has no problem at all camping out for the night and letting everyone in the family know that this seat belongs to him.


22. This rescue kitten grew into quite the adorable cat! It’s so sad to think that such a beautiful animal was left on her own. Luckily, there are caring people in this world that want nothing more than to see her flourish!


23. They say if two is company, three is a crowd. Well, this particular crowd looks like they’re completely comfortable lounging out next to each other. They probably wouldn’t mind if one or two more joined, either!


24. One year made a huge difference for Walter the cat! At first, his head seemed like it didn’t even belong on such a petite body, but as he got older, he filled out perfectly and became a gorgeous, fluffy cat for everyone to admire.

25. This little one was abandoned in a gutter at just two weeks old. However, she didn’t let that stop her from becoming an adorable kitty who seems to love her owner’s towels. She looks like a true snuggle buddy!


26. This precious fluff ball was in desperate need of love and support. Fortunately, he found both, and now he couldn’t be happier nuzzling up on his warm bed. Little does he know how precious he looks when he’s asleep!


Aww, these guys are the cutest! There’s just nothing better than raising a happy, well-adjusted cat, especially one who’s been rescued.