24 Side Boob Tattoos That Are Simply Beautiful—You’ll Want One Right Away


Tattoos are a fantastic way to express our individuality, beliefs, ideas, memories, and personality. They make a statement about who we are as individuals and define our looks for the rest of our lives. It’s a great way to express yourself.
Depending on where you get one placed, some areas of the body are a little trickier to manage in terms of style. A lot of women who opt for a “side-chest” tattoo have a world of ideas ahead of them. Sometimes it’s difficult because what you get tattooed on your body is permanent, so the statement has to be clear, concise and an idea you’re willing to live with for the rest of your life!
These 25 side chest tattoos will have you booking your next ink appointment right away!
1) Hope: This tattoo is pretty self-explanatory. Hope is a message more people in the world need to hear than others. Perhaps this is a message of hope for breast cancer survivors. Perhaps it’s a message of hope against war or poverty. Regardless of what the message might be from the personal user, this simply calligraphy style of the word “hope” is elegant, beautiful, and makes a great personal statement. Absolutely really good job. Bravo!

2) Mermaid on the Moon: Splish Splash! This mermaid tattoo is making a real splash with her friends. This is a great example of how a simple concept can be reimagined for a new look. The Mermaid is casually grasping the moon, longing, pining for something. Perhaps it’s a long lost lover. She is surrounded by magical beads that drape casually around her. This tattoo is absolutely stunning! Well done!

3) Sprouting Flower: Flower patterns are nothing really new to the tattoo scene, but these ones are actually quite beautiful. Note how they quite literally bloom straight out of the bosom. This elegant design is poignant, concise and unassuming. It brings a whole new term to the words “flower power.”


4) The Hummingbird: Hummingbirds are amazing creatures. Not only are they the only bird that can fly backward, they can also fly from upwards of 33 miles per hour. That’s one fast bird! What kind of statement does this say about the person getting this tattoo? We think it says a lot. What a great way to show off your freedom of flight by branding yourself with one of the coolest birds on the planet?


5) Love Yourself First: This is easily a message everyone needs to hear every now and again. A lot of people who have difficulty with people-pleasing, need to learn to stop and think about their own priorities for a moment. Self-loving should be a priority for anyone. This tattoo would be an awesome personal reminder of that because only you would see it on most days.


6) The Bouquet: This cluster of flowers makes a fantastic impact. It’s black and white nature is a wonderful contrast against the beauty of human skin. Each flower must represent something different to the user, and they’ve done a great job at making them look as natural as possible. Basic ink tattoos are a fantastic choice.


7) Abstract Treble Clef Bloom: This tattoo is truly unique. No doubt designed by someone the person knew, or perhaps even herself, this simple line art tattoo showcases a musical treble clef, that evolves into a beautiful flower with three sprouting dots from the top. It must have some meaning for the person, but its beauty is something we can all enjoy.


8) Little Wildflowers: This is just drop dead gorgeous. This tiny and simple wildflower tattoo is so cute. It says a lot about the kind of person getting this tattoo. It’s plain, adorable, and might say something about the resiliency of wildflowers in a rough terrain. This person will no doubt make an impact with something so simple.


9) Watercolor Dream Catchers: Dream Catchers or asabikeshiinh (the Ojibwe word for Spider) are hand-woven willow branches to form a net, and are sometimes dawned with sacred items like feathers. Dreamcatchers were hung above cradles to protect the infants. Now, they are appropriated by all kinds of cultures and are used to express beauty in more ways than just protection. This tattoo says it all.


10) Sketched Flowers with Watercolor: These seemingly ‘sketched’ out flowers are actually methodical in their placement. The muted colors are actually broken up by an unexpected monochromatic triangle within a diamond shape. This tattoo gives a lot of really creative ideas how to use flowers within shapes and is simply charming.


11) Vibrant Flower: It may be a rose but we do know that its vibrant color really makes this tattoo stand out on its own. It’s a gorgeous little flower, that no doubt compliments its body. The colors are a natural way to show off your inner beauty. That’s what a tattoo should be.

12) Feather in the Wind: Who doesn’t love a good feather tattoo? Just ask Dave Grohl! This is, however, now a challenge… Everyone wants to have the most original feather tattoo possible. This lady does a fantastic job of showing off a simple feather tattoo, but instead, a tiny flock of birds flies out of the tip. Now we know where the feather came from!


13) Chest-Squid!: Shiver me timbers! There’s a Kraken at sea! Well, not really. This is a really fun, playful tattoo of a Squid on the side of a woman’s chest. Sea creatures aren’t new to the tattoo scene, but most people consider getting an Octopus or Fish. A squid is kind of the underrepresented of the sea creatures in tattoo form. Well done!


14) Teensy Waves: Surf’s up! This is such a graceful elegant tattoo. Anyone who lives by or lives for the water can know the power of the waves and their effect on our emotions. Sometimes one cannot get through a single year stress-free, but the calming power of ocean sounds draws us into something more powerful than ourselves. This is such a great tattoo.


15) How To Train Your Body: This tiny dragon tattoo says it all. It uses the new watercolor technique to give it a truly authentic new look. The simple line form looks a lot like the character Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon. Any dragon loving fans will get a huge appreciation and great ideas for their next tattoo from this one.


16) Goldfish Outline: This simple ink outline resembles what might be a Celestial goldfish, one with really mesmerizing fins that dance along the water as they swim. Goldfish have a type of common grace that goes overlooked by a lot of people. This tattoo says a lot about the beauty of fish and the art created to appreciate them.


17) Fall Flowers: Another great example of the watercolor tattoo, this tattoo artist made simple work of inking out an outline for each flower, then giving them an almost splashed-on appearance with each of their colors. It looks like a fun art project immortalized by the art of tattoo. It’s an absolutely stunning look.


18) The Scribble Heart: A simple heart tattoo can go a long way. Especially when placed somewhere intimate on the human body. In a world ravaged by war, chaos, angst, discrimination, and hate, spreading more love and joy should be the habit of everyone. Sometimes even a tiny tattoo like this one can put some perspective into someone’s life.


19) Lego Superman: This one is hands down one of the best on this list. The iconic DC superhero, reimagined in Lego form, is seen here holding up this woman’s… well, you get the idea. His super strength will never go unnoticed. This tattoo is cute, hilarious, and will no doubt spark up any conversation with anyone who happens to see this. So very, very funny! Awesome job on this one!


20) Diving Mermaid: This tattoo is just a lot of fun. Who doesn’t love mermaids? This playful, free-spirited mermaid appears as though she is swimming across the person’s skin and doesn’t take on the appearance of a tattoo at all, and more like a character free to do what it wants. Very underrated tattoo.


21) Random Shapes: Okay hear us out. It’s not completely random. These take on the appearance of some Celtic symbols but may have been designed by the person themselves. It’s actually a really nice style and design, with tiny filigree inlaid. This is really a nice bold statement to put on your body forever.


22) Mystery Flower: There’s no doubt about it folks, flowers are really in this season. This side chest tattoo perfectly accentuates the person’s body. Simple line art is always a fantastic choice when tattooing yourself. It’s a really great way of showing that you don’t have any fuss when it comes to your expression.


23) Collection of Garden Blooms: This random array and an assortment of various flowers from the garden chimes up memories of spring and gardening with your parents. Garden flowers are a fun carefree way of showing who you are. The two lower flowers seem to be breaking off the wreath, suggesting some kind of symbolic meaning.


24) The Goddess: Surrounded by a flowery crescent moon, this goddess tattoo gives a sense of great power. This says a lot about the person, as each and every one of us should channel our own inner goddess at some point. We are connected to the earth and the world around us in more ways than we know.