22 Hilariously Strange Things That Have Happened In The Airport


Hanging around at the airport waiting for your plane to come in and whisk you away is pretty freakin’ boring. There’s only so many times you can look around the airport shop and that magazine you bought wasn’t the best choice you’ve ever made. But sometimes you see something in the airport that will make you laugh for years from now and these are just some of those times!

1. The perfect place to stand!


The way this guy is standing tells me that he knows how fabulous he looks right now!

2. Grandma don’t care where you’ve gotta go!


At least everyone looks like they’re having a good laugh about it!

3. That’s one way to get your kiddo through the airport!


The kid’s happy, Dad looks chilled out, it’s a win win situation! I’m trying this the next time I go on holiday!

4. Nice try, buddy!


You can’t blame him for trying, I guess, but you no there’s no way this worked!

5. These guys are hoping they’re waiting for Darth Vader in the right place, or they’ll be in deep trouble!


Don’t worry guys, you’ll know he’s almost there when you hear the Imperial March playing!

6. He made it after all!


The force is with them all! I wonder if they’re on their way to the premier of the new Star Wars movie?

7. This one’s a little bit cheeky!


Don’t worry, she doesn’t have a hole in her dress, it’s just a very unfortunate way to carry a neck pillow!

8. Maybe this isn’t something you want to shout about, guys!


Mom’s going to get off of the plane and immediately pretend that she doesn’t know who they are.

9. Just Forest Gump, casually waiting for a plane.


He’d had enough of running and decided to get the plane instead!

10. These guys are looking forward to a lovely holiday in the Caribbean!


They’ve heard it’s lovely and warm this time of year!

11. I don’t think anybody’s going to want to claim that.


You can keep that to yourself, thank you very much!

12. I think somebody’s playing a prank on this guy!

Imagine him stood there shouting “Gleeballs? Gleeballs? HAS ANYONE SEEN GLEEBALLS?!”

13. They’re taking a very well deserved break!


They’ve been working very hard, tracking down Doctor Who and trying to get hold of the TARDIS.

14. And that’s how you beat the system!


Gotta say, I admire their quick thinking! Well played!

15. Now this one is just sweet!


And look how excited the woman behind them is!

16. Just in case there was any doubt, that’s Mokie!


He can’t escape from this one, his whole head is right there!

17. I wonder if he drove to the airport in one of those Flintstones cars?


He drove the whole way here and now his feet are killing him!

18. They left this as a warning for anyone thinking of flying today


Abandon hope all ye who enter here!

19. It doesn’t matter what shape or size you are, you’re welcome here!


If you need to pee, this is the place for you!

20. Could this guy be any more hipster if he tried?


The typewriter just seals the deal, here!

21. What is it with all of these people with typewriters?


What’s the point in lugging that thing around when you could just type something up on a laptop?

22. Considering how happy they looks, I’m guessing she said yes!


She wasn’t expecting that when she stepped off the plane!

What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen in the airport? Do you have any hilarious airport stories? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family!