2 year-old toddler shows up and surprises an Irish dancer with her super talent!


Get the kid some taps! What a cutie! I thought she was going to do a dance battle once she saw the baby mimicking her!

Children are simply amazing. They are very innocent and they often do things without thinking about the consequences. They don’t hesitate to try out new things because of their natural curiosity. When they see something they like, they try it. Take for example the adorable little girl featured in the video given below!

This little girl is only two years of age, but she is really fearless. Georgia saw an Irish step dancer on a street in Galway, Ireland one day. When she saw the dancer, Emma O’Sullivan, perform, she couldn’t help herself from joining in. Georgia started imitating her moves and the result is absolutely adorable. Wait till you see this!

Two year old Georgia spotted Emma O’Sullivan, a veteran dancer, performing on a street in Galway, Ireland and was immediately inspired to do her own choreography. The toddler’s version may not be the most polished of the two, but it melted hearts of everyone who watched her that day.


O’Sullivan has known Georgia since she was a baby, but she never danced like this before. Her debut got more than 7 million views on Facebook so we think she has potential. It’s quite incredible, isn’t it? The same goes with other activities, like sports or music. The little girl in the following video proved this to be true when she decided to dance with an Irish performer on the streets.

Emma O’Sullivan, who is an award-winning dancer, received a surprise guest while she was performing in the street at Galway, Ireland. The guest was none other than a 2-year-old toddler named Georgia. The kid surprised many when she copied the dancer’s moves and her courage to dance in front of many people. It was later revealed that the father of the little girl is a musician and that might have explained why the she was so skilled despite her young age.

Her talents even surprised O’Sullivan, who happens to be an international dance instructor. According to her, the kid is in her own league and definitely has a future in the dancing industry. Please watch the clip below and let us know what you think about the little girl’s abilities.