2 Penniless Brothers Are Living In A Cave. Then They Discover That Their Dead Grandmother Left Them Billions


German brother Zsolt and Geza Peladi had been struggling financially for a very long time. They managed to survive by selling junk they found on the street.

But one day, everything changed. The brothers were told that they would be getting a share of their long-lost grandmother’s fortune. They would receive up to £4 billion in inheritance.

According to Geza, things had always been strained in their family. He explained

“We knew our mother came from a wealthy family but she was a difficult person and severed ties with them, and then later abandoned us and we lost touch with her and our father until she eventually died.”
The brothers are looking forward to sorting out all the necessary requirements so they will be able to collect their inheritance. They are already anticipating living a better life and maybe even settling down.

“No women would look at us living in a cave,” said Geza.

According to German law, direct descendants automatically get a share of an estate of a deceased person. Since their grandmother’s only daughter was dead, the money would go to the grandchildren.

Geza wondered if their mother ever told the grandmother about the brothers. Evidently, lawyers only found out the boys existed after they did a genealogical research.