19 Practically Crazy Life Hacks to Help You Save and Enjoy Life More


Life hacks make life more easy to deal with and far more practical… Alright, maybe even more fun! They’re super easy, and many times you have access to things which are almost impossible to get. It can be great and exciting as far as you do not get harmed. But there are some hacks which are extremely challenging, and if you are not extra smart and cautious, you might just make more of a mess. Here are 19 of these life hacks, try them and find how smart you are!

Drivers hate it at every cost. A parking ticket can spoil anyone’s day. At any moment you get to get in your car and find a yelling yellow card waiting for you, tucked under the wiper. Now you can’t do anything but go through a long process of appealing if you are sure that you have not done anything wrong or pay the fines and bear the loss. You must try this hack for avoiding a yellow ticket next time. Just print a ticket with the help of a good graphic designer. But make sure that it is similar to the one your state issues. And whenever you park your car where you fear a ticket, tuck your ticket under the wiper and voila! But hey! You didn’t hear it from me!

Since the day answer machines took over and minimized human interaction, the customers have been complaining of delayed service or neglect. Enough is, enough! We cannot stand for these automated replies. You need to get your question answered or order placed without any waste of time. Only holler at the recorded message and swear to your heart content. Let your anger depart your heart, and the magic will happen.

The machine sensors will tag you as a customer who is angry at the company. It is a call for action because a company does not want a bad reputation. Someone will instantly reply to your call, and you will find a way through!

There you are, in class minding your own business when the teacher slams another assignment on your desk! A moment of panic overwhelms you… But fear not there is a way out. If you are thinking of getting an old assignment of a top scoring student and copying it, we won’t recommend it. Copyscape will find it, and you will get 0 or maybe a punishment, too.

This hack is especially for you, but it needs some work from your side if not the preparation of an entire assignment. Find the assignment that you like to own and Google Translate it into any language. Now, translate it again into English and work on its language perfection. Here you go with a new, original assignment that will never put you down.

Finding free money makes everyone’s day a whole lot better! But, how does one do it without stealing? Go into a thrift store – check for the coats and pants that have lots of pockets. While looking for the items check the pockets and if you find any cash – and most probably you will as these items are not all checked before display – take it out and put it in the next coat that you check. Just don’t directly put it in your pocket, because that’s stealing, and stealing is wrong… At last, find the jacket or pants that you need and gently insert the cash in its pocket and put it on. Pay the price and get out of the shop. All the money in the pocket is legally yours!

When it comes to applying for a job that you know everyone wants, you wonder how to make an outstanding resume. If you hire professional services, you will end up spending a smart amount of cash. With this hack, you can get your resume done for free. Go to a free ad posting website and post a job similar to the job you want to apply and ask the employees to send their resume along with the application. You will receive several resumes in a couple of days. Sort them out and find the best resume. Change its credentials and fill your data. Here is your CV but did we tell you what to do with the job ad you posted?

Natural products are all healthy options and the top best choice for your dining table. However, one thing that always averts you from buying them is that they are expensive. With this hack, you will always buy them cheaper and pamper your health more. Choose organic food of your choice from the super market and proceed to the scale and fix it in “inorganic” and place your bag on the scale. Seal the bag and proceed to the cashier. Pay the price and walk to home… Unless they’re already signed and sealed… Then you’re on your own!

Who doesn’t love free snacks?! Well, when you go to the vending machine next time, put the order of your favorite snack and wait but when the machine comes to give you your snack, close the door gently. The machine gets confused, and it will send you another of the same type. Let the door open, and you will go with two warm and fresh snacks… At the price of one!

We warn you from the start that this is illegal and highly risky but go ahead if you are super confident! Go to an ATM in a faraway place, most probably at a distant shopping mall or at a road corner. Try to figure out the six digit code that the ATM operates with. Once you are satisfied with the code, you can order the machine to submit all the cash inside.

*This might take you some time!

You wait in a line at the counter of a Starbuck or McDonald. For this one, you’ll need to be careful! You need to be at quite a big line where playing trick is not noticed. Observe one person whose is called… Steve, for example, and he proceeds and gets his order and leaves the door. After him leaving the place, go to the counter and speak politely to the attendant that your name is Steve and that they have given your order to someone else. The baristas get confused instantly, and that is your moment to say something more that convinces them that they have made a mistake. You might get a free snack, or maybe someone with sharp memory remembers that Steve has taken his order.

Money back guarantee can help you read many books for free. Buy a book you need and copy it on third party software. It is easy if you get the help of a computer geek. Now return the real book and get your money back. You still have a clean full copy of the book that is fully yours!

It needs that you get dressed according to the status of the hotel that you aim to go to. Then, just walk in with confidence and join others. Have your breakfast and leave… But there are chances that one of the hotel staff recognizes you that you are not one of their clients.

If your debit card does not have enough money to enjoy a bigger and fuller meal, go to Chipotle and place your order. When you come to pay, they won’t mind the lesser cash because they do not stop to wait for a few bucks but keep up their top notch service without stopping. But chances are there that they cancel your meal. Ouch!

The laundry machine considers pennies as quarters. Flick them in the machine next time you go for laundering your clothes. You can do the wash worth $3 in $0.10 only!

It looks so simple and easy, but you may get caught if you are buying from a shop where the staff knows you.

Are you ready for a frequent shopping trip? Yes, if you are willing to return the clothes the next day after attending the event. But for this, you have to choose a shop that accepts the comeback and gives you back your cash. Quick Tip: Make sure you don’t toss the tags out!

Buy a ticket to a faraway destination that does have many travelers traveling to. But this flight must layover at the real destination of yours. You can throw away the ticket leg after landing on your desired airport and leave. But always keep your luggage with you in a carry-on.

You can save on your extra luggage by only taking out the dark clothes in a separate shopping bag and carrying them in your hand. Instead of paying extra to the airline, you can have a carry-on bag and put all your extra essentials in it. This bag is not included in the luggage weight.

Magazines in waiting areas of hospitals, offices, and other places are for the public, and many of them contain “Free Subscription” offer in them. Neatly tear it from the magazine and save it for you. You can get free reading material with these!

Buy a movie ticket that you have enjoyed watching. You can watch several movies with the same ticket if you choose your time of cinema visit wisely. Go to the film, find a seat and enjoy the film because the staff is concerned to help you get seated that they do not look at your ticket. Do not go on a busy day because the seats are booked, and you may get kicked out for sitting on someone else’s seat.

Did you like these life hacks? Make sure that you try them if you’re looking for a thrill and a fun, crazy story to tell! Liked Video with us your success stories in the comments below.