17 Tweets About Cooking That’ll Make Foodies Cry Laughing


1. This accurate depiction of cooked spinach:

2. This hard truth for anyone cooking in a small apartment:

3. And this genius solution:

4. How bakers tell you they’re busy:

5. When you’re feeling both gourmet and lazy:

6. This handy pasta-cooking guide:

7. This valuable piece of advice for preventing ~melt~ downs:

8. This gourmet pickup line:

9. This roux that is both buttery and ~bulletproof~:

10. This punny chef who needed to clarify something:

11. When you open the door to a convection oven:

12. This ~offal~ attempt at a joke:

13. The saddest spice of them all:

14. This walk-in cooler that’s about to narrate my life:

15. Every time you go to the fridge or pantry:

16. And every time you grate cheese:

17. This crème brûlée that somehow split after it baked: