16 Strange And Confusing Signs From All Over The World


Signs are meant to show us where we are going. Now in some countries, you drive on the right-hand side whereas on others you drive on the left, so these signs adjust accordingly. But there are some signs out there that deserve a double take. You need to glance at it more than once because upon first inspection you’re not quite sure if you get it.
But make sure you safely stop the car, pull over to the side and read it carefully before proceeding with your trip.

Whether it is a flying kangaroo or an existential sign spouting some truths, here are 16 of the funniest signs that we could find.
This sign is definitely speaking some truth right here. I think it should apply to all people and not just tourists. At no point should anyone make fun of natives. After all, we are living on THEIR land.


I always thought pigeons were herbivores. I didn’t know they had a fondness for human meat, especially the human finger.

This is kind of like Russian Roulette but with some terrifying guard dogs. I don’t know, I don’t think those odds are in anyone’s favor.


Signs such as this one deserve an award. Because they showcase both sides of a story and allow the person to make a decision of their own. Oh, and they’re funny!


So it is true! You CAN dig a hole all the way to China. Although that hole looks like it’s a steep drop downwards so I don’t know how I feel about that.


This one is actually hilarious! Originally I thought it was some sexist sign but in reality, it’s just telling the guys to bring their girlfriends and wives!


I mean it’s one or the other right? But I could leave it partially opened or closed like that annoying sibling who enters into your room and never shuts the door.


I was not aware that dogs could read as well. But I am glad that this sign is inclusive and ‘talks’ to the dogs as well.


Don’t tell me what to do! You don’t know what these gills are capable of. And what if I brought a snorkel?


I mean, TECHNICALLY, trees do move given an avalanche or a heavy rainfall or some inebriated skier slamming chest first into a tree trunk.

Is this considered a threat? I mean the act of throwing a wrench at someone’s head could be construed as assault.


Hmm…this one is quite interesting. I wonder what’s inside that daddy day care? Is it just video games and pizza and sports jerseys? If so, sign me up!

This one is hilarious. 0 per cent off means no discount. And 0 per cent off ‘some stuff’ is even more vague than what it already is!


At least this sign is honest. Chances are pretty high that the wild animals would get horrifically sick eating your cheeseburger and french fry-filled bodies.

So in four kilometers, expect a kangaroo to jump onto the roof of your car? I don’t know about all that. Where did this kangaroo even come from?


I like this sign. And the cat IS awesome. I’m sure passersby who saw this sign got a good laugh and it brightened up their mood!