16 Pictures That Show How Far Out Hippies Actually Were


It’s funny to be a millennial sometimes. You’re constantly told by older generations that you’re a little too self-absorbed or obsessed with making everything seem “picture perfect.” They talk about how we don’t live in the moment like they do, or we don’t play outside and go explore the world the way they used to.

But there’s no denying that those very people who make those complaints are the people who raised us to be exactly the way we are.
Of course, they might deny that they have anything to do with our current culture, but if these photos of hippies from the 1960s are anything to go off of then it’s clear that they have everything to do with current pop culture. Can we really say that the people who were part of that didn’t raise an interesting generation?

No, we can’t. But in case you’re feeling a little skeptical (are you a baby boomer?) here are some pretty amazing photos of hippies to show just how far out there hippies really were and why they have no right to judge us now in their old age.
Tell me this isn’t a ‘millennial’ Instagram photo, I dare you. We all know their kids probably recreated this at some music festival like Coachella or Veld in better clothes.

1967, Woburn Abbey, Hippies enjoy themselves at the 1967 Woburn Abbey Love In  (Photo by Rolls Press/Popperfoto/Getty Images)

Honestly, I’m a little jealous that going topless was such a chill decision back then. It’s 2017 and when people see a topless girl on Instagram they all lose their minds.

A hippy is pictured topless in the crowd at Knebworth rock festival in 1979..  (Photo by Evening Standard/Getty Images)formatlandscape;relaxation;Fans;female;nudity;hair;cigarette;Roles&Occupations;YouthCulture;Music;Musicfestival;Rock;Europe;England;Britain;ES799696;ESG/MUS/CONC/ROCKCONCERT/KNEBWORTH-1979CR/ESG/TYPES/YOUTH-

There really isn’t much of a difference between the needs and wants of the people in the 60s and the people in 2017. Granted, some countries like Canada have made the strides to keep the people happy.


Okay, tell me that you haven’t seen someone post a photo like this on Instagram during music festival season. That’s right, you can’t.


Cultural appropriation was alive and well back then, maybe with fewer people to call it out but it definitely existed. Maybe wearing a feather and a traditional headband isn’t a big deal to some, but it is to the Indigenous groups infringed upon.


Honestly, this is probably one of the most Coachella looks I’ve seen and she wasn’t even at Coachella!


If you saw a photo of your parents like this wouldn’t you want to recreate it for the gram?


And this legitimately looks like a photograph from some sort of outdoor music festival on the beach or something. Granted, this looks disgusting but as long as they’re having fun.


This looks like someone’s artsy portrait for their personal blog. “My name is Dave and I believe in world peace. 21. INTP. Virgo.”


It’s really funny to me how these belts have come back in style all of a sudden. And look at that posing! You cannot express any doubt that these hippies weren’t extra.


Annnnd back to the cultural appropriation. Tipi’s and feathers and cultural patterns…. Expanding your hands out to the sky for… Whatever reason.


That feel when you’re enjoying everything so much you just spread your arms out and enjoy the warmth. Tell me that if they didn’t have Instagram this wouldn’t be part of your dad’s feed! That’s right, you can’t.

When you’re so cool that you’re just having a good ol’ drum session in the middle of nowhere and hanging your clothes on manipulated branches!


The 60s was known as the time for “free love”, so it’s never too surprising to see lovers embracing among a sea of people. I will say that I hope all these people picked up their garbage or else they’re just hypocrites, aren’t they?


Possibly my coolest thing about the movement: hippies of color. Look at this girl being cool with her cultural garb. See, you can be a hippie and not culturally appropriate. Just bring your own culture into the fun!


And last but not least is this weird photo of a couple lying in a tent with their legs outside of the tent. Listen, if these photos didn’t prove that our parents and/or authority members were weirder than us in 2017 I don’t know what will!