16 Male Fashion Trends That Women Actually Hate


Our sense of fashion is a very personal thing. It’s one of the things that matters to a lot of people (for a number of reasons). Men and women make fashion choices every day based on what’s comfortable, what looks good on them, and what makes them feel good about themselves during the day.

But sometimes, we all make poor fashion choices. Some people just don’t care about what others think. Others might be committing fashion crimes without even knowing it. Men have things they hate to see women wear (peplum skirts, oversized clothes, flashy nails, etc). And the same concept applies all the way around; most women definitely have a fashion item they don’t like to see on men.
If you’re a woman reading this list of male fashion trends most women hate, you’ll probably agree with one or more of the items on it. If you’re a guy doing one of these things, don’t fret! Not all women dislike the things in this list, and you shouldn’t stop doing your thing just because it’s included here.

But just in case you were still curious, here are 16 male fashion trends that women actually hate (or at least dislike).
1. Bushy beards. Some time in the 1940s-1950s, we all collectively agreed as a species to leave behind the trend of bushy beards along with top hats and high infant mortality rates. Let’s leave bushy beards in that faraway past, where they belong.

2. Skinny jeans. Let’s just put it like this: extremes don’t look good. When you wear pants so tight that we end up learning things about you that only your girlfriend or boyfriend should know, then it’s time to take it down a notch.

3. Ill-fitting suits. To be fair, this isn’t a gendered problem. Everyone—men and women—should learn to recoil at the sight of an ill-fitting suit. A suit that fits properly can make all the difference in how the shape, height, and weight of your body look, so choose more wisely from now on.

4. Socks and sandals. The only time you should wear this combination is when you’re a dad driving to the convenience store on a quick milk run. There’s no other scenario where wearing these is okay.


5. Vests. Someone, back in the 90s, decided to take the vest in a three-piece suit and apply it to casual fashion. The only people who should wear vests like this are boy bands from the 90s and 00s.

6. Popped shirt collars. Unless you’re a vampire or Sherlock Holmes wearing a coat on a windy day, keep your shirt collars unpopped. It doesn’t help that popped polo shirts have become a stereotype for frat boys.

9. Wallet chains. Let’s be completely honest with ourselves and admit that there is no functional or practical reason for wallet chains to exist. They’re only there to look clunky and be loud any time the person wearing it takes a step.

8. Fleece. We’ll admit that fleece is actually comfortable and a great fabric for the winter, but we won’t lie to ourselves about how bad it looks. It makes the person wearing it look like an inflatable version of themselves.


9. Super Deep V-Neck Shirts. There’s nothing wrong with being proud of your body and showing off your muscles (especially if you’ve been working hard on them). But deep V-necks just look ill-fitting, kind of like you were just in a fight and your opponent grabbed you by the neck of your shirt, resulting in a dramatic stretch.

10. Long shirts. To be honest, there’s nothing inherently wrong with oversized t-shirts. The problem is that most men don’t know how to style them, which results in their bodies looking weirdly disproportionate.


11. Cowboy hats. Unless you’re a vaquero, a cowboy on your way to a rodeo, or a Texan ranch owner, there is no reason for you to wear a cowboy hat. You might think, “This would be such a cool accessory to my suit!” but please, don’t let that sudden wave of wistful thinking override your common sense.

12. Tank tops. Again, there are exceptions to the rule. When a tank top is too tight or weirdly-fitting, maybe stay away from it. Besides, tank tops should be a no-no for both genders. Those tan lines they create are terrible.


13. Uggs. Men love to diss Uggs on women, but little is being done to combat the male Ugg-wearer. These shoes look like house slippers; as such, they should always be worn inside and nowhere else.

14. Accessory overload. Look, just because you own every kind of accessory available to men it doesn’t mean you should wear them all at the same time. Accessories should be worn sparingly and to complement an outfit, not to override it and be the focus of attention.


15. Flip flops. This list is just full of things that could also apply to women. Flip flops are one such item. No one should be walking around exposing their entire foot to the dirty ground. It’s just so unhygienic in so many ways.

16. Leather pants. Unless you’re Lenny Kravitz or Kanye West, you should probably stay away from this item of clothing. It’s really not worth the risk, especially during the summer.

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