15 true signs of cat affection


Owners of furry pets are well aware of the fact their cats can be annoying.’

When you start working, she has already climbed onto the computer keyboard. You lie down to rest — this obsessive being right there — lies on your stomach. And try to take it away! Firstly, it just won’t leave, and secondly, if it leaves, then it will be offended for a long time.



Cats, they are! They want everything to be according to their cat’s desire. But, meanwhile, not everyone knows about it, many cat’s whims are just a demonstration of love for their master. Ah, does that annoy you? Well, be patient!

But how is it possible to distinguish the wonderful moment when your pet crumbles in the expression of feelings addressed to you?

Here are fifteen signs that the animal wants to show you its love.


It chews you!

Sitting in front of the TV or at the computer, you are trying to pet the cat, perched next to you. And he take, and bite your fingers!

Think cat shows aggression? In no case! The fact that he is trying to chew you is a manifestation of tenderness.


And licks


Does it happen that you look at a licking cat, and in response it begins to lick your hands?

Imagine — this is also a manifestation of love! The cat thinks that you also want to be licked and clean — just like he himself!


Meows loudly

Do not believe it, but, communicating with each other, cats usually do not meow. All of their «meow» are intended exclusively for humans. And if the cat meows loudly, then this means only one thing: he wants to talk with you. Well, who will seek communication with those whom he does not like? Therefore, you are very cute to your cat, and even more so — otherwise he would not have gone after you, inviting: “Let’s talk!”


Treading around you

Cat’s legs walk on your face, like on the avenue? And not just in the face? But also on the head, stomach, and even in intimate places?

There she is, love! So kittens behave with mom cat. Well, in adult cats, this behavior means that they are completely relaxed, satisfied and feel safe.


Looks straight into your eyes

this look haunting you all over the apartment! The animal literally looks into your eyes, and so persistently and intrusively, that you get the question: “Well, what do you want?” You offer him a bowl of food, your favorite toy, but the striped mustachioed continues to mesmerize you, not paying attention to your efforts at least somehow distract him!

What is he doing? Just trying to make contact with you. How to answer so that he understands that you understand him too? Wink!

Face to face

Is your cat butting? Yes, in the literal sense! Trying to touch your forehead with yours? This is also a manifestation of love, and one of the most serious.

All the doors are open for him.


In the morning you try to retire to the toilet or bathroom, but here the door swings open, almost wide open, and your puffy literally breaks into your space

And there’s nothing to be done. Having got a cat, you voluntarily agreed that loneliness and solitude are no longer available to you. A loving cat heart will not be stopped by any door. Even if you close the latch, the persistent kitty will tear and scratch, trying to enter where you are currently.

His  butt

Is the cat trying to bring her closer to your face? And this is also from the series “I Love You”. You don’t show this place to someone you don’t love, right? Here is the cat too. This is only for your favorite owners. Exclusive, so to speak.


This is his computer!

You have been sitting at the computer for too long, so the cat thinks that you pay too much attention to it — the computer. And all attention should be paid exclusively to the cat! And in general — everything that is yours is his. Therefore, the cat brazenly lays on the keyboard. And always — at the most inopportune moment.


Goodbye furniture!

Did the cat tear your favorite chair? And what do you think — she tears everything that is horrible?

No, no and NO! The cat sticks its claws only where it wants to leave its smell, and thus, marks the boundaries of the territory. So, to be wounded is a great honor for your chair. Well, or what did your favorite tear up there?


Creeping under your feet

Some owners literally lose their temper, stumbling over their cat, which for some reason loves to climb under its feet. It even happens that because of such “obstacles on the road” some “cat owners” were injured.

And yet it is also love — no matter what!


The cat gives you gifts

In the form of a caught mouse, for example. Yes, this is a gift — the animal wants to share with you its prey, caught, by the way, at the cost of tremendous effort!

So instead of screaming in horror, appreciate the breadth of the cat’s soul. Who else will share the dearest with you?


Belly out


Your cat always falls out somewhere in a narrow aisle, taking a pose that any, most flexible and stretched gymnast would envy. Moreover, as a rule, an animal for some reason exposes its charming belly.

This is an indicator that your pet trusts you not only one hundred percent, but all two hundred percent. After all, the stomach is a very vulnerable part of the body. And not on display for all.


On whom the cat sleeps

On you? Yes, so that sometimes, you can’t even move — is it so pathetic to wake a cat sweetly sleeping on your lap? So don’t move! Be patient! Give the cat a good night’s sleep!

Well, seriously, cats don’t sleep not where they have to, but where they feel safe. Apparently, your knees are just the right place.


They follow you tail

Any animal attached to a person strives to be closer to the owner. But if the dog “abides by subordination”, modestly and patiently waiting until it is called, then the cats will not stand on ceremony. Turn around in front of you, and even resent if you are in no hurry to pay attention to them.

Well what can I say – I love cats!