14 Mind-Bending Photos That Will Force You To Take A Second, Third And Fourth Look


The most impressive photos in the world are those that feature something incredible, or seemingly impossible, without having been digitally altered in any way. These photos were simply taken at precisely the right moment and needed no retouching.

Usually these photographs come about unexpectedly and just happen to showcase something extraordinary. When the right situation presents itself, you are able to take a photograph which completely blows people’s minds and compels them to double take.

Here are 14 photos that took creativity, comic ability and pure coincidence to make them the wonders that they are…

1. This lady fell asleep under a very unfortunate magazine…


2. This one is like a modern retelling of Rapunzel


3. This sink also doubles as a human eye!


4. This woman was giving a “serious” talk while managing to imitate Disney’s Aladdin at the same time


5. People often tell this dad that he and his son are like two peas in a pod


Animals, especially those found outside of the wild, are generally smaller than us humans. That’s probably why they tend to be wary of us, but what if we lived in a world where they weren’t smaller at all? What if they were big and imposing, and we were like tiny little ants in comparison?

Optical illusions are brilliantly deceptive and misleading. They make our brains think we are seeing things that aren’t there. They also show us how our brains tend to operate in a similar sort of way. The majority of us will look at an optical illusion and initially see the wrong thing.

6. It’s almost like a parallel universe where birds are able to overpower humans – “Planet of The Birds” anyone?


7. This brother and sister are so close that they sometimes merge into one


8. This building in Paris gives people the illusion that it’s melting


9. Don’t attempt this at home kids!


10. It’s the most spectacular dog fight I’ve ever seen…


The man in this next picture is just a bit of a trickster. You won’t know exactly what’s going on in the photo at first, but once you suss it out, you’ll be kicking yourself for not realizing sooner!

Photos like these are always amusing – and they were all taken by ordinary people on their smartphones! Not bad right?

11. Is he standing up? Lying down? Is he even there at all?


12. No dogs were harmed in the making of this photo


13. It would be totally fair of me to say that the man in this next photo looks like a dog


14. At first glance, this little kid is such a ladies’ man, but in reality…


Although most of these photos came about by accident, they are all pretty spectacular! To take a mind-boggling photo such as the ones on this list, all you need is the right angles and an uncanny coincidence.

It’s also pretty useful, if you’re able to see for yourself when you have an optical illusion on your hands, so that you can share it with the rest of the world. We occasionally like to frustrate ourselves with puzzling photos; remember that blue and black dress from 2015… or was it white and gold?