13 Things Girls Find Impossible to Say “NO” To


Every girl has a different choice. It would be an error of gross generalization to put all girls under the same umbrella. However, there are a few things that appeal to the mass population, and thus all boys should take note of them, and marvel at their potential effectiveness.

The charm of accents!

French, Italian or British, accents work like a snake charmer’s flute, singing together ordinary sentences into fancy notes. It snatches the attention of most girls with its unique melody and gravitates them towards you. We have all socially attributed more exoticness to accents, and that is the reason why a girl will find it extra-hard to say no to an adorable guy with a ravishing accent.

Accents also carry with them the possibility of something entirely different and new. That can be a magnetic factor for a lot of girls. It adds to the element of mystery which unfathomably attracts us to others. Mystery can be a major power play in asking a somewhat stranger out on a date. So, polish up and develop accents, and you will surely have the edge over the rest of the male population.

“I Love Starbucks!”

Starbucks can never go wrong with girls! With its increasingly diverse menu of caramel and cinnamon lattes, it can fill up any girl’s tummy with a pleasant warmth. Frappuccino’s and Cappuccinos dazzle girls with the promise of re-energization.

But why Starbucks in particular? Well, that is simply because of two reasons. Number one: It is a brand which has over decades worked on and built its name, ensuring yummy coffee for every sort of customer possible. Their coffee is, after all, one of the best on the entire planet. Secondly, you cannot deny the pop culture value of Starbucks. You see it on every cool Tumblr and Instagram post, and it has become a morning ritual to post a selfie with them. It has a shared cultural value, and so do cash into it, and see the way your potential date’s smile becomes wider when she steps into Starbucks.

Makeup makes or breaks the day

New makeup products are always just around the corner, and every recent one tries to make them. Sometimes, there is a gold facial mask while at other times, you hear about the advent of blueberry glittery lip-gloss. Every product has a particular potential place in the heart of every girl, and so if you want to make an impression on her, get her a makeup product.

Makeup products are something esoterically used by girls, usually. Its appeal is something boys cannot directly relate to, and because of that, if a boy invests energy and time in finding out the girl’s favorite new makeup product and gets it for her, it will send an impactful message of care and thoughtfulness. It is a sure-fire way of pleasing most girls.

Rom Com’s magic

Ice cream and romantic comedies- you all know what a tremendous combination that is! Cushioned in the comfort of a bed or your arms, you will see a satisfied smile on your girlfriend’s face as she ravishes “10 Things I Hate About You.”

Girls have always been raised with a constant prioritization of love- romance plays a more wholesome role in their upbringing compared to boys, and you can see the effects of that in their affinity towards romantic comedies. The playful dynamics satisfy their needs.

Furthermore, they are a reprise from the usual hefty burden of romance in their lives. Almost every girl has had a turbulent relationship with love, and these movies erase those elements and transform it into one of cuteness and laughter. It’s hard not to adore that.

The rhythm of boy bands

You must have had some experience with the relationship between girls and boy bands. Surely, you must have heard them avidly squeal while discussing their favorite boy band, which in most situations, turns out to be One Direction.

The members of boy bands have the uncanny ability to fit entirely into the fantasized molds of ideal partners that girls conjure up in their minds. They are dreamy, some of them are the typical bad boys while others are just so darn cute in the exact way that girls want boys to be. So, you can not only use them to appeal to girls but also take tips from them! Their music is also always so catchy, making the girls drums their feet to the positive lyrics and rhythm. It is how boy bands craft their magic into the hearts of girls and become so very undeniable.

The BFF’s words are the law!

Girls find it very hard to say no, to whatever their best friend suggests. For girls, best friends are the supplement that forms the foundation of their tree of Life. Without their best friends, they wouldn’t know how to spend their weekends, share their detailed observations with and hug with during moments of stress. Best friends are the constants in their lives.

Because of all of these reasons, girls cannot say no to whatever suggestion their best friend pops from their mouths. The bond is such a precious one that there is an apparent expectation of fun. Girls trust their best friends enough to follow them in whatever they say blindly. They know that their best friend would have their very best interests in mind.

Reality TV shows: a break from reality!

Reality TV shows have their drama that serves as a break from the humdrum of daily life and its complicated narrative. The daily lives have situations which put us in tight spots, making us wish that we were in someone else’s skins. That is what reality TV shows do for girls!

They aren’t entirely escapist like movies are, as they contain very shallow elements of their daily lives. They are also exaggerated, and you see horrible, dramatic exchanges of slaps and schemes. It makes girls’ put their lives in perspective and thus eventually makes them feel better.

Also, you can’t extract the entertainment value of it all. It is sheer fun to view the tussle between the inhabitants of that house, and the dramatic irony just adds to it. They know what is happening even if the people don’t and that tremendously adds to the frenzied nature of the fun.
Gentlemanliness works!

The popular opinion is that bad boys are all the rage. However, nothing will ever devalue the long-term preference for gentlemen. Gentlemen realize the essentiality of politeness in their attitude towards everyone else. Ego doesn’t have any role in their vision for their personality. They regard everyone as equals and think that prosperous relationships are pregnant with good-naturedness.

They will regard their girlfriends with attentiveness, and be sure to show consideration through small actions such as carrying an extra mobile charger, knowing that her friend usually has a low battery or keeping an extra scarf in the bag, just in case she ever feels cold. It refers to the boy aspiring towards an attitude of empathic kindness.

Pampered love’s pros

Pampering makes girls feel as if they are flying on cloudy cushions. They can never say no to it. Sitting in a beauty parlor, with eyes closed, and different women working on manicures, pedicures and facials feels like heaven, and no girl can deny the appeal of that. After all, who would ever want to turn away such a pleasurable past time!

Luxury is an aspiration that is hard to deny and so is the entire feeling of comfort that comes with it. It relaxes the tired bones and rejuvenates the spirit. Being pampered makes one feels loved. It makes one feel as if they are important enough to be rained with particular care. Then how can it be so entirely denied at all?

Sales, sales, and sales!

Sales have much promise in them. Even a ten percent sale means that so much of their favorite products can be gotten at such a cheaper rate. Whenever there is a promise of a sale, girls swarm over to that shop, gathering outside the store, waiting for the opportunity like hounds.

Girls know how to navigate these sales and what strategy to adopt. They understand the preciousness of this offer, and they sure are never going to attempt to say no to it! They would rather eagerly run towards any such offer!

The rare gem of respect!

Respect is something that all women want. It is something that all humans want. Women feel a greater and more profound lack of it in the patriarchal setting of society. That is the entire sum of the reason for why it is something that no woman can ever say no to! Rather, their souls would come ultimately well up with tears of acknowledgment.

Respect means that a girl isn’t reduced to her physical features or the clothes that she is wearing. It means that she isn’t reduced to the stereotypical labels of the queen bee, the nerd, and the tomboy. It means that girls are thought to be human beings with an incredible range of complexity and talent shimmering in their multitude folds. Girls are not to be objectified. Their education should be thought to be as important as males, and they should be treated equally seriously in the spheres of the workplace.

Dogs and Cats Are Raining Their Cuteness On Us!

Cute little red kitten sleeps on fur white blanket

Girls cannot avoid petting and cuddle those undeniable puppy eyes peering from behind a sofa. Cats and dogs have this purity of intention and sincerity to them that is just so utterly cute that girls can’t help but keep on rubbing their purring tummies continuously. Purrs reverberate joyously from the throat of kittens as they rub against the rugs, laddered with satisfaction.

It is their simplicity, which attracts and makes them such cute little buttons of constant love and support. Even when the entire world is against you, crying into the whimpering, the concerned purr of your dog can be an unparalleled comfort.

Confounding quotes
Girls have a universal appeal for the complexity that defines their everyday life. They see some quote by Samuel Jackson, feel an internal twinge of recognition, and duplicate this onto their Facebook profile picture or on any Instagram display. They help push them through the nitty grittiness of everyday life. They sometimes become the sentences they hold on to previously during the entire day

Because of this, girls cannot help but be in awe of these jumbled up words, which sum up the feelings that they don’t know how to define accurately. The quotes become a salvation, which cannot be shirked away.

All of these are the thirteen things that tug at a girl’s heartstrings, melting their objections. They only just need to step into any of these things, and they are swallowed into the wholesome quality of it. They are like the lollipops that kids keep on prying at with longing eyes. The pull is undeniable, and so sits back and enjoys this revelation.