12 Reasons Why Female Empaths Have A Hard Time With Love


Empaths care so much. They feel what others are feeling to such an intense degree that it can be hard for them to care for themselves. In relationships, they have very high standards. This isn’t because they’re too picky. They just have an excellent idea of what they need. These reasons explain why female empaths have trouble finding the right man.


1. Knowing what they want

There’s no place for wishy-washiness for empaths. They need to have relationships that are sincere and true to their standards. Someone who isn’t willing to go to bat or be with an empath during difficult times is not worth considering.

2. Intensity

Being an empath is all about passion. Empaths are predisposed to care a great deal. They aren’t self-involved. They want the best for themselves and their partners. This can turn off people who aren’t ready to deal with so much passion from a romantic partner.

3. Reliability

Some people like complete unpredictably in relationships, not empaths. While they definitely don’t want to be with utterly dull people, they should be dependable. They shouldn’t cancel plans or fail to return calls on time.

4. Sincerity

Just about everyone says they want more sincerity and honesty in a relationship. However, empaths live the value, possibly to a fault. They don’t want to have a relationship predicated on lies or even half-truths. If they can’t be truthful, it’s not worth it.

5. Need For Freedom

Empaths value their relationships wholeheartedly, but they don’t want to be tethered to them. If they sense that their partner is trying to control them in any way, they’re going to resist. They need to stay true to themselves as much as they can.

6. Misunderstanding

An empath woman strives to be understood, but it isn’t always easy. Her partner might think that she is trying to deceive him. That’s not the truth, but it can hard to make them see otherwise. It takes the right man to understand the nuances of being an empath.

7. Need For Emotional Satisfaction

While empath women crave physical satisfaction, that alone isn’t enough. They also need to feel emotionally fulfilled in order to be completely satisfied. If she senses that her partner isn’t there for her emotionally, she’s going to realize it won’t work out.

8. No Short-Term Relationships

The word «fling» doesn’t work for a female empath. She needs something of a commitment in order to go forward with a relationship. If her partner is tenuous about wanting to go an further, the relationship is going to be on death watch very quickly.

9. Asking Questions

Just because empath women feel a lot doesn’t mean they can read minds. They’ll want to dive into the minds of their partners. In order for a relationship to feel balanced, they want to make sure that they have as clear of an understanding as possible.

10. Seeing The Best And Worst In People

Empaths can be somewhat unpredictable. An empath could embrace someone who might be derided by others. While they indeed don’t have low standards, they’re also able to find the light in another person. It’s just a matter of them being treated right.

11. Taking Things Personally

Sensitivity runs rampant in an empath. She’ll take things personally even if you meant no slight. You can’t just tell her that you didn’t mean it or that she’s overreacting. If you do, it will tell her that you aren’t willing to value her.

12. Loving Hard

Empath women feel so much and give so much in return. They will hold the other person to such a high standard, provided they meet her needs. As a result, they can’t have a relationship that’s one-sided. If they love, they want to be loved back.

If you are an empath woman or are starting a relationship with one, you need to understand how much they feel and expect. It might seem demanding, but it’s part of their nature. Should you treat them right and find a connection, you can have a great relationship.

Thank you for reading!