12 perfectly timed photos taken right before a disaster that are sure to make you cringe


Only a camera could capture the sheer joy and carelessness on a person’s face before disaster strikes. And sometimes those photos are so perfectly timed that it literally shows the disaster on it ways while the unsuspecting victim is smiling for the camera.

These hilarious photos are so vivid you’ll almost feel bad for the people in them. They may even make you wince a little.

1.) Wipe Out!

This photo beautifully captures the water and sand mixing together but this girl is about to get wiped out big time.

2.) The Fall

This photo was so perfectly timed that it looks like this guy is holding himself up on top of the water with one hand. Maybe he’s related to Jesus.

3.) Cupcake Thief

This cupcake is so pretty it’s almost too beautiful to eat. This dog, however, didn’t think so.

4.) Blindly Climbing a Mountain

Hope he’ll be able to see where he is climbing the rest of the way.

5.) Popping a Wheel

This kid is in for a world of pain.

6.) Incoming!

Oh look at the clover…SMACK!

7.) Drink Wall

This liquid wall is just mesmerizing.

8.) Beware of the Grate

That thing is definitely a hazard!

9.) The Happy Fall

How does this lady not know that she’s falling?

10.) When You’re Relaxing and Someone Pees on Your Face

This poor woman. At least her mouth is closed.

11.) When You’re Done For and You Just Stand Back and Watch

This lady is about to be taken out from this wave and she knows it. Might as well stand back and look at how beautiful it is.

12.) Don’t You Know It’s Rude to Point

This duck knows and he ain’t havin’ it.