12 Men Line Up — Within Moments Their Song Choice Sends Chills Down Everyone’s Spine


Each of the 12 men grasped their own microphone and turned around dramatically as the lights dimmed. One single instrument playing a familiar tune would have the audience immediately recognize which song they were about to sing. The piano joined in as the spotlight hit just one man standing in the middle of them all. The first three words were sung, and at this moment the entire audience knew that this was not going to be just another version of arguably Josh Groban’s most famous song of all time. With the dynamics of 12 men, the power of their performance was limitless.


This vocal group called 12 Tenors delighted the audience with their harmonies. Chills ran down the spines of those sitting to enjoy this song, but while it continued, they were all waiting for that one moment. Several of the men took turns for a solo with the background singers doing a phenomenal job. It started out with that slow tempo, allowing the song to increase in its glory. Each of their voices were just as flawless as the others, but soon enough, they would all join in at once and blow them all away.


Their voices boomed from the stage straight out to the audience in an unforgettable way. Listen as they take you to a whole new place of freedom, encouragement, and power singing «You Raise Me Up» in the video below.