12 Fruits Scientists Recommend Women Eat To Lose Weight


Lots of people who want to lose weight are so focused on eating lots of protein and vegetables that somehow they forget about fruit. It can be even more helpful in some cases. What is more, fruit can help our bodies burn extra calories, as it is rich in nutrients that play a vital role in our wellbeing.

So here is a list of the top 12 fruits that can help you lose weight and enrich your body with healthy nutrients.

1. Pomegranates


This fruit works great if you want to have a quick snack and don’t have time for a full meal. Being rich in fiber and water, pomegranates will make you full for a long period. What is more, it’s full of antioxidants to prevent different illnesses.

To sum up, there’s no need to be afraid of fruit even if you are trying to lose weight. On the contrary, it can help you fight fat and become a powerful tool in your pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

2. Watermelon


This fruit is very dubious from the point of view of weight loss. On the one hand, it contains high amounts of sugar. On the other hand, it is more than 70% water. Still, scientists have proven that it’s great for fat loss because of the arginine it contains. This amino acid helps our body fight fat.

3. Apples


It’s said that an apple before a meal can help people with excessive weight eat less to benefit their health. In fact, apples are a great source of fiber and make us feel full very quickly. What is more, they are the perfect snack you can carry with you everywhere.

4. Bananas


Bananas are known to be great for relieving muscle pain. What is more, they are rich in fiber and may serve as the perfect snack after a workout. They are perfect when your energy is low, and you need something to boost it quickly.

5. Berries


Polyphenols are the chemicals contained in various berries. They are an ideal tool for fighting fat and preventing it in your body. Scientists from different universities have conducted studies that have proven that the consumption of berries positively influences fat levels.

6. Cherries


Lots of research has already proved that the consumption of cherries positively influences the process of fat burning. It is said that eating them on a daily basis can help people rid themselves of fat and improve their weight-loss process.

7. Peaches


In addition to being relatively low in sugar, peaches are perfect for fat burning. They are said to be rich in phenolic compounds that speed up metabolism and regulate the amount of fat in our bodies.

8. Pears


An awesome fruit when you have a huge appetite and want to tame it somehow. It’s rich in pectin which regulates your food cravings.

9. Guavas


It’s one of those fruits that not only has carbs but proteins as well. At the same time, it can boast having a considerably lower amount of sugar than other fruits.

10. Tomatoes


By the way, don’t forget that tomatoes are fruits according to this source. If there’s too much leptin in your body, it’s high time you learn about the wonderful qualities of tomatoes. They can help you decrease the amount of this hormone in your body and give a kick start to your weight-loss process. By the way, don’t forget that tomatoes are fruits.

11. Avocados


Though it’s one of the major sources of fruit fat, this fruit also serves as a great means of speeding up your metabolism and weight loss in the long run. And its Omega 9 fatty acids only help the process.

12. Grapefruit


Grapefruit is considered to be the #1 fruit when it comes to fat burning and weight loss. It’s said that at least a half of a grapefruit before your meal can do lots of good for your body. First, this fruit takes more time to digest, so your body spends more energy doing that. Second, grapefruit is rich in potassium, folic acid, vitamin C and lots of other nutrients. Regularly consuming it will help you burn all your extra visceral fat and be happier.