12 Common Things That You Should Never Do To Your Vagina


There sits this stigma around the area down there. Unfortunately, it means that many of us, especially our teenagers and young adults do not know about things they should.

Vaginas are great, but they can also be very temperamental and delicate. It can be very expensive to go to a doctor just to find out that weird feeling you’re getting is normal, or that something you’re wearing was irritating it. The internet is full of great information, but also a lot of misinformation. It can be scary for a young girl who is never sure what is happening or even older women who were never taught the essentials of owning one.

In fact, there are many things that a lot of us women do on a daily basis that are actually putting our vaginas at risk of becoming infected! Some products claim to help, but for many women they can be the cause of infections and other unpleasant odors.

Down below we’ve compiled a list of some tips that every woman should know about their vaginas and the things they should always avoid doing to their vagina. Are you guilty of any of these? Are we missing an entry you had to find out the hard way? Let us know down in the comments.

Home Remedies Are Not The Solution You’re Looking For


While home remedies can seem appealing on the surface, being all natural, your vagina may not take so kindly to them. The inside of your vagina has a very delicate balance and upsetting that balance can result in horrible pain or even an infection. Neither of which anyone wants, in such a sensitive area.

Even worse, these remedies may not be as effective as they seem on the box. Your doctor is likely to be more knowledgeable when it comes to any pains, discomfort or anything else that could possibly be wrong with your vagina.

Don’t Wear Skinny Jeans Every Day


Now, now you don’t need to get rid of your skinny jeans, you can still wear them.

All that we’re asking is that you limit your usage of them down a bit. Constantly wearing tight-fitting clothing can lead to yeast infections or even pressure acne. Now no one ever wants that, but the solution is simple, give your sensitive parts some time to breathe by wearing looser clothing, like that nice summer dress in your closet and your body will thank you.

Scented or Flavored? Keep It Away!


Did we mention that your vagina is very sensitive? Because it really is. The addition of scents or other flavors can really upset the balance in there. The end result? Possibly an infection, general discomfort or even a smell that is much stronger. None of these are great so we recommend keeping them away.

Scratching Might Feel Good…

…but it doesn’t mean it’s great for your vagina. Sure, we can all become itchy occasionally, but resisting that urge remains key. By itching you could cause further irritation or even prolong the discomfort by delaying effective care for the real issue. Much like a mosquito bite, you have to try your best to avoid it.


We’re sorry if you’ve been told that piercings are incredible and can even increase stimulation, but they pose a large risk to your vagina as well. We recommend thinking this through before deciding on it.

If you’ve ever had a bad ear piercing done, you can probably imagine the downsides to this. Imagine if the piercing got infected or if the piercing ever got caught on something. It’s not a pleasant thing to think about, but it’s a reality that you need to consider when getting it. Sure it’s not sexy, but we recommend staying away. If only to avoid those inexperienced piercers who could give you a lot more than you bargained for.

Gems or Dyes

First off, we need to remind you that your vagina is beautiful as it is. Don’t let anyone ever make you think otherwise, especially some ex-boyfriends who don’t deserve your attention.

Still, if you are still considering putting these things down near there, you need to consider the dangers. The adhesive on gems can irritate the sensitive skin down there and cause discomfort. Even worse, the chemicals in dyes can mess with the pH levels in your vagina or even burn your skin. If you ask us, it’s better to stay all natural.

No Food

Sorry, while the idea of adding some spice to your sexy times with some chocolate or honey seems appealing, if the food ends up inside your vagina, you are at a much higher risk for a yeast infection. Not to mention it makes a huge mess and it gets really sticky down there.

Your Phone

Yes it vibrates and yes you can put a picture of a young Brad Pitt on it, but that doesn’t mean it belongs down there. The bacteria on your phone can upset the balance and losing your phone inside your vagina will result in a very embarrassing hospital visit.


Your body is designed to clean itself, especially your vagina so you should never consider douching. In fact, if you do douche you will be removing inside of your vagina, including the bacteria there that fights off dangerous bacteria. Without those guys fighting the good fight, you are more prone to an infection than before.

Instead, stick to unscented soap on the outside and let your body handle the inside.

Low-Rated Waxers

This might seem like a given, but it’s important to always look at reviews when choosing waxing salon. Low rated ones, or ones attempting to cheap out will do dangerous things like double-dipping the applicator which can result in the transfer of germs between patients and you certainly don’t want that.

You want the best of the best waxers as less experienced ones can leave you feeling comfortable with ingrown hairs that can lead to infection. Certainly not the experience you wanted when you went to get waxed.

Also we recommend that you look into whether you really want to be waxed or not. While it may not seem so appealing, the hair down there does serve an important purpose. It can help reduce the risk of catching STDs, as your skin won’t be as vulnerable to bacteria. The hair also absorbs moisture which helps keep the area clean down there.

Dirty Underwear Belongs In The Hamper

Even if the underwear seems clean, the eye may be deceiving you. Every woman, yes every woman will produce a certain amount of discharge. This is normal and expected, and provided you are changing your underwear at least once a day, if not more you will not be at risk for an infection. However if you are using the same underwear as yesterday you are at risk of getting an infection.

If your day is very long or if Aunt Flow is visiting (see: period), you will want to change your underwear more than once a day as the discharge is more likely to build up faster. It’s better to stay safe and clean than save a load of laundry.

Pop Pimples

While not a great thing to imagine, popping pimples near your pubic area is not the best idea.

It’s normal to get pimples down there, but the best option is to let them go away on their own rather than trying to speed up the process. You don’t want the wound getting infected or giving bacteria an easier way into your body.

Did we miss anything? Have you ever done of these things? Let us know in the comments!