11 Of The Most Embarrassing And Awkward Stories From The Gyno’s Stirrups


Going to the gynecologist for a yearly exam should be an important date on every woman’s calendar. Even if you don’t suspect anything at all is wrong, you still need a checkup to ensure you’re all healthy.

Some women don’t mind the trip to their “down-there” doctor, while others dread the visit. Maybe you’ve had a bad experience in the past that makes you cringe when you think of it, or maybe you simply prefer to keep your pants on outside of the comfort of your home.

Either way, it’s a trip we must all take, as messy as it may sometimes become.

These 11 stories from real women’s gynecologist appointments may make you laugh, while some may make you cringe. But they will certainly all remind us that the gyno can just be downright weird, no matter what.

Regardless of how embarrassing these stories may be, it is important to know your body and stay comfortable with it. While feeling awkward during your appointment is natural, your doctor knows what comes along with their profession, and he or she is most likely not at all phased by some of the very things that turn your cheeks bright red.

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“I had a guy walk in the room when my legs were in the stirrups getting an exam. He figured out I wasn’t his wife/girlfriend. Wrong room buddy.” —autumnx



“During an exam, my gyno at the time told me ‘You have a beautiful cervix.’ I muttered a slightly unsure ‘thanks,’ and closed my eyes, feeling awkward for the rest of the exam.” —bayouekko



“There was a tornado that touched down right in the middle of my exam. One minute I was stirrup-ed up, and the next minute my gyno is screaming at me to get dressed because we had to go into the basement of the medical center. I was stuck there for two hours with nothing to do except talk about my vagina to my gynecologist.” —cherrymaelstrom



“I’ll never forget when mine congratulated me on being a virgin. Most awkward moment in my life. I had no idea how to respond.” —hawkgurl4life



“During an exam, my gynecologist says ‘Oh you’ve got a hair in here, I’ll get rid of that for you.’ Uhh thanks?” —NurseKYB



“Had my gynecologist hum disco songs throughout my pap. Apologized halfway through, saying she just couldn’t get them out of her head. She’s… a little quirky.” —Toastiimuffin



“My OB-GYN is a lovely woman, but every time she’s inspecting my nether regions, she starts telling me about her son (who is my age) and how great we would get along.” —eats_pills



“My first visit, the lady looked exactly like my grandma… mannerisms and everything. It wasn’t a comfortable visit…” —snugglyT



“I farted in her face. It didn’t smell, but I felt horrible.” —A_QUEEN



“Went to an OB-GYN after work one day, had my work uniform on. At the time I worked for [a tech company]. He’s doing my exam and asking me how I feel about PC vs Mac. Ummmm, really, not the best time for that.” —Reddit User



“Upon my first visit to my current gyno, instead of saying ‘nice to meet you’ to my face, she said it to my vagina with a good amount of enthusiasm.” —Harrumph90

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