10+ unexpected facts about cats




From ancient times, cats were considered mystical creatures and they were often credited with supernatural abilities. And even in our time there are many beliefs associated with a cat, for example, that a cat must be allowed into a new house.




But even if you do not believe in any signs and prejudices, you probably noticed that cats are incredibly independent, secretive and generally constantly on their minds. Would you like to know a little more about the life of cats? If yes, then we have prepared for you 15 interesting facts about cats, which you most likely did not know about.


In Russia, a cat named Masha saved an abandoned child. He was in a box that was standing in the snow. The cat warmed him, and went to attract the attention of passers-by.


Disneyland is filled with stray cats at night. Nobody drives them away, because they catch rats that can chew on the scenery


Freddie Mercury’s solo album, released in 1985, has a dedication: «To my cat Jerry, as well as Tom, Oscar, Tiffany and all cat lovers in the world»


Guinness Book of Records is no longer honorable places for the largest cats in the world, as it does not encourage obesity in animals


Cats bring to the owner of the animals they have killed because they believe that the owner himself is not able to get his own food. It is a kind of sincere gift


When a cat winks at you, it means that she completely trusts you and considers her friend


The physicist had to make his cat a co-author of the article, because in the text he mistakenly used “we” instead of “me”


Some countries do not recommend releasing black cats during Halloween for fear that they might be sacrificed.


In 1879, cats were used in Belgium to deliver mail, but workers soon using other means.


The first phrase broadcast on the radio was: “Roy, go and find this damn cat!”


Gorilla Coco suffered for several days when she heard about the death of a kitten whom the researchers from the center gave her for her birthday


The study showed that cats always understand that the owner is talking to them, but simply ignore his voice.


Only cats use meow to communicate with people.


Oscar is the name of the cat who purrs the loudest. His purr reaches 67.8 dB, which can be compared with a working vacuum cleaner!


The cat in the house by one third reduces the risk of heart attack in the owner