10 things women tend to notice about other women


We all know what men notice first in women. But what does a woman see in another woman? Check out a few interesting, and even surprising things they do notice.

Women aren’t always on the lookout to analyze other women, but when it comes to making an impression, things like that ought to happen quick. Such things don’t get overlooked.

1. Her bra strap

Something as simple as a strap can tell a lot about what’s inside. And if there is no visible strap, that says a lot too. The bra straps may reveal a page into a woman’s many desires. If she likes things wild and freaky or if she’s vanilla.
2. Her vibe

The first thing a woman is most likely to notice about other women is the vibes surrounding her. If she seems to be someone with an utterly overconfident persona or if she’s got a genuine smile, or if she’s the biggest fraud you’ve come across.

There are some people who you develop a distaste for immediately. Such people usually have an air of uncertainty and confusion around them. The vibe states whether you will get along with each other just fine, or not. Your vibe does attract your tribe after all.
3. The way she talks

Whether she speaks like a sailor or is a preacher of great power and eloquence. The way you talk shows a lot about who you are and what you know. The three Vs of speech— Voice, Volume, and Vocabulary—can go a long way in determining whether a woman can hold a good conversation, whether or not she can fluently express herself, or if she’s someone who would want to make you rip your ears apart.
4. Her boobs

Men aren’t the only ones who notice boobs. Believe it or not, women do it too.

5. Her makeup

When you notice other women, you can quickly differentiate between those who are comfortable in their own skin and those who rely on cosmetics to enhance their god-gifted features. Safe to say, some look extraordinary with makeup on, some not so good. Women notice if the ladies around them know what looks good on them and what does not. And if they make an effort to stand out or just blend in.
6. Shoes and handbags

Accessories tell a lot about a woman. Are her shoes clean? Is her bag genuine or a cheap knock-off? Are they reasonable and are they in good condition? A lot of this can reveal if a woman truly cares about her appearance or not.
7. Her sense of style

Having a sense of fashion is an integral part of class. When you talk about style, it’s not the labels women are picking out, but the way a lady carries herself. It shows the confidence with which you walk and talk. Women want to know if she’s a trendsetter or if she’s just someone who can pull anything off! May it be a fashionable blast from the past, a trendy piece or something as basic and simple as a plain white tee.
8. Is she a threat?

Women, when they notice other women, primarily check them out to compare their own level of attractiveness to them. A competitive one in ten women say they always want to look better than ‘the opposition’, but a more realistic 40 percent say they don’t compare themselves to other women in a spiteful way. Well, the ladies reading this can sure vouch for the fact that some women, you can tell with just a glance if she’s better or not.

9. Is she talented?

There are a lot of good-looking women out there. But are good looks the only thing that’s going for them, or are they beauties with brains? It does matter. When you notice a woman, you want to know if she can pack a good punch and leave others awestruck with her stunning personality or if she’s just another girl.
10. Her scent

The scent has always been a woman’s thing. Perfumes—expensive, reasonably priced and everything in between—can reveal a lot. If she has more of a fruity or sensual appeal. Or if she prefers her own bodily scent. The scent can also be quite attractive or repulsive. Leave it to the woman to decide. She knows best.

A woman can do an overly critical analysis of her fellow member of the fair sex. Starting from the bottom, there is nothing her eyes can escape. What’s better? One look is all it takes. With all this said and done, all women are beautiful in their own way.

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