10 spectacular homes that you wouldn’t see unless someone told you they were there


There are people who enjoy their privacy, and then there are people who revel in it. People who enjoy their privacy usually opt to buy a house back in the woods, or to build on a secluded plot of land in the middle of Timbuktu. People who revel in their privacy, however, take things to the next level. Not only do they build their homes in the middle of nowhere, but they disguise their homes to be one with the land. Don’t believe me? Just check out these 10 (not-so) humble abodes.

Whether you’re someone who enjoys planning for the apocalypse or just someone who really does not like people, these houses will make you green with envy.

1. Canyon Mansion, Utah, USA

Built in 1986, this house was the fruition of a dream of a married couple who simply wished to live in a quiet place. Take a tour of this charming hillside abode here.


2. Cliff House in Coquimbo, Chile

Now you see it, now you don’t. This cliff house has two levels, one of which is completely under ground. To take a tour of this disappearing house, visit here.


3. Bungalow in the Pines, Brittish Columbia, Canada

This home was designed to allow green moss to grow on the home to completely disguise it within the landscape. Take a tour here.


4. Villa Vals in Vals, Switzerland

Local law enforcement forbade homeowners or builders to erect high buildings for fear they would ruin the landscape. So, what did this ingenious architect do? He built a house in a cave. Now, you can rent it out for the week or weekend here.


5. Dugout House, Texas, USA

From the outside, this home looks like nothing more than a simple dugout. Get closer, however, and you’ll discover a home cleverly hidden in 6.2 feet of dirt. Inside, the home has everything one might need for a comfortable life, including a pool! Take a tour of this crazy-cool home here.


6. Lake Chalet in Hordaland, Norway

When designing this home, architects had one thing in mind: fully integrating the structure with the surrounding landscape. I’d say they did pretty well in accomplishing that goal! Take a tour of this lakeside chalet here.


7. Houses on Top of Shopping Mall, Hunan, China

These homes aren’t really hidden so much as unusually located. In a place with over 4 million residents but very little free space, achitects have to get creative in their home placement, which is why, if you look up, you’ll see full on homes dotting the Hunan skyline. More information about this setup can be found here.


8. Desert Oasis, California, USA

This house was designed to look like fallen leaves in a place where trees really do not grow. We’re not sure if this design makes the architect ironic or confused, but one thing is certain: the house looks great! Made of concrete, steel, copper and glass, this home is a beauty, and is even more stunning when the sun sets and the only light for miles is from the stars and this star of a home. Take a virtual tour of this home here.


9. Penthouse in a Rock, Beirut, Lebenon

When one architect proposed that they build a house into a rock, no one believed it was possible. However, as the project took on a life of its own, and as photos of the proposed home were put on the Internet, potential investors became interested. In the end, a Lebanese real-estate agency picked up the blueprints and brought the Penthouse in a Rock to life. Find more details about the project here.




10. Mirrorcube Hotel, Lapland, Sweden

The outer walls of this building are faced with glass so as to give the impression that it is just one with the trees. However, a thin layer of infrared film coats the glass so that birds can recognize the building as an obstacle. If you’re interested in staying at this hidden hotel, check out the room prices and other details here.


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