10 Men Over 50 Who Prove That Age Is Just A Number


Many people are under the assumption that when it comes to strength and good looks, there is a time limit on how long this will last. When you were a kid, you probably thought a teenager or your parents looked pretty old, and most people have the assumption that people over the age of 50 are old.

Although aging happens to everyone, it can be an inevitably sad process to watch your facial features age and when you begin to lose your physical abilities.
However, people tend to forget that age is just a number. If the body is well taken care of by eating good foods and exercising, you have the ability to thrive during the ‘golden years.’

Check out these 10 men who prove that age is just a number. They’re all over 50 but they’re also incredibly handsome, strong, and talented. Check them out! Which one is your number one?
1. Philippe Dumas, 60: Talk about smoldering! With that characteristic beard, clean tattoo, and perfect model’s face, Philippe is one good looking older gentleman!

He has gained some attention on his Instagram which currently has almost 40k followers and has gotten some exposure on Reddit as well. ‘My career as a senior model is young, but it starts well,’ he told Style Aria ‘I have great expectations.’

2. Anthony Varecchia, 53: So you thought that once you got older, you immediately became scrawny and weak? Not true at all! Just look at the muscles on Anthony! Although he can tell you that it takes a lot of hard work and a healthy lifestyle, it certainly pays off.

Anthony lives in New York and is a self-titled ‘Silver Fox.’ With 148k followers on Instagram, the fitness professional shares all the goods with his fans and followers. He should definitely consider senior modeling as well.

3. Gianluca Vacchi, 50: More muscles and good skin coming your way! Chances are if these dudes weren’t sporting their gray hair, you would have a much harder time telling that any of them are over the age of 50.

Gianluca is definitely one of those guys! As well as looking great, he is also known to bust a move on Vine. He’s still got incredible movement and flexibility and doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.


4. Aiden Brady, 50: I bet you didn’t know that there were this many attractive older gentlemen. Yet alone that they all have Instagrams that are certainly easy on the eyes.

Aiden recently made his way into the fashion world and shares his modeling with his 66.6k Instagram followers. On top of that, Aiden is also a movie star! He has appeared in The Hand of the Creator, Jolie’s Garden, and Conversation.

5. Eric Rutherford, 49: Okay so technically this guy is under 50 years old, but not by much. And in all honestly, he totally could pass for someone in his late thirties to early forties.

It seems some things really do get better with age. Not only does Eric model, he is also an events organizer in NY and an editor for At Large magazine. And of course, he takes the time to share his attractive shots with his 181k Instagram followers.

6. Alessandro Manfredini, 48: These older gentlemen sure love their white and gray beards and tattoo combination don’t they? Well, I can’t exactly blame them because they do look pretty cool.

With that snow white beard contrasted by his dark eyes and brows, it’s no wonder this guy keeps getting modeling contracts. It’s also easy to see how he has racked up 264k followers on his Instagram

7. Deshun Wang, 80: Whoa, now that is a bit of an age gap! And can you even tell? Apart from the slightly baggier eyes and smaller build, wouldn’t you think Deshun was in the same age range as the other men?


Deshin made his modeling debut by walking in China’s fashion week. He even received the nickname ‘hottest grandfather in China.’ If that isn’t an achievement any 80-year-old would want I don’t know what is.

8. Irvin Randle, 54: Look at all that melanin! Like a fine wine, age is doing nothing but improvements for Irvin. Just check out his awesome salt and pepper beard.


With a whopping 138k followers on Instagram, it’s obvious that there are plenty of people out there who like what they are seeing. And how can I blame them? From his impeccable fashion sense and killer poses to doing stuff like this, he’s pretty incredible.

9. Ron Jack Foley, 50: This Canadian hunk is taking his hair game to another level. Just check out those long gray locks combined with a neatly styled beard. You guessed it, he’s a senior model and has 18.k Instagram followers.


As well as rocking a head full of long, luscious hair. He also spends his time modeling in cool places and taking to the snowy hills to shred on his snowboard.

10. Shan Michael Hefley, 54: Last but not least! This guy is probably one of the most athletic and ripped on the list! Shan started off looking like a pretty typical guy for his age. He started out with gray hair and a bit of a beer belly, but then he decided to go through the ultimate transformation.


Shan made the decision to begin working out and eating healthy and the results are pretty obviously worth it. So if you were ever feeling down in the past about what’s to come over the hill, take a look at guys like these to remind yourself that nothing can slow you down apart from yourself!