10 Dog Breeds It’s Better Not To Mess With


Dogs are called man’s best friends, so no wonder thousands of people prefer to keep at home particularly this four-legged companion. Before getting any pet, you probably do some research to find out if your choice is an appropriate option based on many factors.

The same goes for dogs. You definitely want to know which dog breed is best for your type of accommodation, if they get on well with children or seniors, how long they live, if they’re immune to parasites, can they coexist with other pets, which of them require most exercise, etc. But most of all you want to know which breed is most likely to attack its owners.

Talking about most dangerous dog breeds is a very subjective thing, because behavior of any canine depends on a number of things such as genes, temperament and most obvious, how the dog is raised and trained. That’s why attack data provided here don’t always correspond to the dog’s fault. But you have the right to know biting statistics (1982–2014, Canada and USA) in case it might affect your choice on buying a certain breed. The number of incidents is very small when compared to number of years (32) during which the information was gathered, yet fatal cases happened.

10. Doberman (23 incidents of bodily harm, 8 deaths)

9. Chowchow (61 incidents of bodily harm, 8 deaths)


8. Akita (70 incidents of bodily harm, 8 deaths)


7. Pit-Bull Mix (206 incidents of bodily harm, 12 deaths)


6. German Shepherd (113 incidents of bodily harm, 15 deaths)


5. Bullmastiff (111 incidents of bodily harm, 18 deaths)


4. Wolf Hybrid (85 incidents of bodily harm, 18 deaths)


3. Husky (83 incidents of bodily harm, 26 deaths)

Portrait of siberian husky on snow

2. Rottweiler (535 incidents of bodily harm, 85 deaths)


1. Pit Bull (3397 incidents of bodily harm, 295 deaths)